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Decoration is a very important thing for a family, which is related to the safety and comfort of long-term residence in the future. As the top priority of home decoration projects, the quality of home decoration is usually the most concerned thing of decoration owners, and decoration materials are an important factor to determine the quality of home decoration. However, owners often don't know where to save money and where not to save money when decorating, so that they use inferior materials in many important places, which ultimately affects the quality of the project.

switch sockets need to buy good

sockets are the most fake in the market, Ordinary people can't tell the true from the false at all, so it is suggested that socket switches should be purchased in well-known brand socket stores as far as possible to ensure the quality. Switch socket is the cause of fire, especially during the Spring Festival, when relatives and friends gather for dinner, power consumption will definitely increase. The population in the home is concentrated, which is easy to cause safety accidents. Be especially careful. The switches and sockets are all electric, and they are often touched by hands. For those with children at home, special attention should be paid to the anti leakage device. Cement also has a shelf life. As long as tiles are pasted, cement will be used, and the quality of cement is directly related to the paste strength of tiles. Most of the hollowing of tiles is due to the problem of cement paving. If you don't want the tiles to bulge and fall off, experts suggest that when purchasing cement, carefully check the production date and carefully select high-quality brand-name cement. Try to make these small details not affect the final quality and effect of decoration. When buying expensive large core boards for decoration, each home will use large core boards more or less. Its quality is directly related to the indoor formaldehyde content. Therefore, we should be careful in the purchase of large core boards. We should try to buy high-quality and high environmental protection coefficient boards in large stores, and we must not save money on this. Famous brand sanitary ware is more water-saving. When buying sanitary ware, you must not buy cheap sanitary ware in order to covet the price difference of hundreds of yuan. Cheap products are quite different from famous brand products in water consumption, noise, water sealing function and other performance. Sanitary ware is a long-term and frequently used building material, so its abrasiveness is also greater than other building materials. Therefore, in sanitary ware and other building materials, we should choose brand sanitary ware with more reputation. In the long run, it will also save more water. Fire proof and rust proof paint can't be less. Have you applied fire-proof paint to your carpentry? Have all nail holes been painted with antirust paint? If not, the workers must have cut corners. Fire prevention, rust prevention and other processes are necessary protection for home safety. The owner must pay special attention to these small details during acceptance




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