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As the fastest-growing sector in the household appliance industry, the kitchen electricity market has always been regarded as a new profit highland in the household appliance industry. After experiencing the trend of high growth against the trend last year, the pace of rapid growth in the kitchen electricity market this year seems to have begun to slow down and gradually entered the growth rate shift period. In fact, from 2012 to 2017, the retail sales of China's kitchen appliances market increased by an average of 13.5% per year, leading all home appliance categories with a double-digit high growth, which also attracted giants from all walks of life to join the kitchen appliances field, greatly increasing the intensity of competition in the kitchen appliances market. Nowadays, medium and low speed development has become the new normal of the kitchen electricity industry, which is undoubtedly a great challenge for both new food distributors and traditional kitchen electricity giants

in the face of the severe market situation, the emerging kitchen power enterprises have no experience, and most of them sit idly by, while the traditional kitchen power bosses choose to find new growth opportunities and achieve new market breakthroughs at this node. So, looking at the development status of the kitchen electricity market, where are the new growth opportunities? In the context of the upgrading trend of consumer demand and the shift in the growth rate of the kitchen electricity market, kitchen electricity brands want to seize medium and high-end quality products as a new breakthrough for growth. According to the 2017 report on China's high-end household appliance consumers, more than 60% of consumers buy high-quality kitchen appliances out of the need to improve the quality of life. The upgrading of product quality can be regarded as a new breakthrough for kitchen electric enterprises

"at present, kitchen power enterprises and the entire manufacturing industry are seeking high-end breakthroughs." High end is the breakthrough in the consumption upgrading of kitchen appliances industry. The biggest feature of high-end is innovation. However, if innovation is only at the level of technology and products, it is likely to not be widely accepted by the market. As a leading brand in China's kitchen appliances industry and a professional quality manufacturer of all kinds of kitchen appliances, Cohen kitchen appliances knows that what is more popular with consumers at present is not only high-quality products and services and a tasteful lifestyle, but also the happiness delivered through product services and lifestyle. The new integrated stove D23 recently launched by Cohen appliances, one of the top ten brands of integrated stoves, is a model of innovation and upgrading of similar products in the industry

Cohen integrated stove D23, the smoke machine part adopts toughened glass design, and the flue has an integrated mirror structure. The oil stain condenses instantly without attachment and goes straight into the oil box; Integrated keenda smoke guiding screen board, with better operation experience; With heat preservation function on the top, it can be set freely for 30 or 60 minutes to prevent the food from getting cold; Automatic cleaning of heated oil can completely separate oil stains and keep the wind turbine and flue clean; The intelligent linkage design of the smoke cooker enables the cooker to be turned on, and the smoke separator automatically opens, forming a large buffer zone with the air inlet, effectively buffering the oil smoke and blocking the diffusion of the oil smoke. With 4200W large firepower support, it is both civil and military, stable in small fire, and fierce in fire. It adopts the burner imported from Italy and the solenoid valve imported from Spain, which can increase the effective firepower by 25%. The efficiency concentrating disk enables the flame to stick to the bottom of the pot, does not float fire, blocks heat loss, receives heat more evenly, greatly improves the thermal efficiency, and truly realizes the national first-class energy efficiency standard. The bottom disinfection cabinet Cai adopts Trinity 360 ° ultraviolet disinfection, which is more efficient. The domino bowl basket, with an external heavy-duty guide rail, bears three times the weight of the ordinary track

over the years, Cohen's intelligent product innovation is no longer intelligent for the sake of intelligence, but focuses more on the needs and experience of users. In the view of home appliance professionals, the competitiveness of Cohen's full range of kitchen electrical products compared with other brand products is reflected in all aspects, but the core point is that the kitchen electrical intelligence followed by Cohen is ecological intelligence, which provides the intelligent improvement of the whole kitchen experience, rather than the intelligence of a single product. From this perspective, Cohen has stronger R & D and innovation strength, and can provide more meaningful and valuable intelligent experience





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