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Integrated wall is a popular new wall decoration method after latex paint, ceramic tiles and wallpaper. Its decoration is also very good. Is integrated wall better than traditional decoration? There are many brands developing integrated walls in the industry. Which brand is the best choice? Now let's take you to a European art integrated wall

after latex paint, ceramic tiles, wallpaper and other traditional wall building materials, integrated wall, as a new wall, has been favored by the public as soon as it is listed. Now there are many brands of integrated wall, how should consumers choose? The following editor will introduce a cost-effective European art integrated wall. What are the characteristics of European art integrated wall? Let's have a look

first, how about Ouyi integrated wall?

Ouyi integrated wall has a good reputation in the integrated wall industry. It not only has perfect quality, but also has style modeling, which can meet the aesthetic needs of different people and make your home life present a more perfect state

moreover, Ouyi integrated wall also meets the environmental protection requirements of modern people for healthy home life. It is almost free of harmful chemicals, avoiding the problems of difficult and cumbersome decoration nowadays. The key is to save a lot of decoration time and achieve the concept of installing and living now

Ouyi integrated wall panel has a wide variety of products, providing services from design to product production, installation, and finally after-sales, so as to create a household life satisfactory to consumers. It can also be customized privately and provide a more desirable design. Therefore, its products are extremely popular and the price is relatively affordable

second, the characteristics of integrated wall

1. Convenient installation, that is, install and live

compared with traditional wall decoration, the products of integrated wall are all integrated and modular, and come through splicing and interlocking, so they can be installed without professionals. It can also be directly installed on the rough wall, which is very convenient and easy

2. Green, environment-friendly, healthy and livable

the materials of integrated walls are generally produced with new environmentally friendly materials, so there is no need to worry about formaldehyde and other hazards indoors, and you can move in directly after installation

3. Sound insulation and noise reduction, professional wall materials

the integrated wall has a sound insulation effect comparable to the solid wall, so it is a very suitable wall decoration material in both bedrooms and meeting rooms

4. Super fire-proof, safe and invincible

the fire rating of this product is class A. even if it burns, there will be no open fire, which can meet the specifications of home decoration or engineering fire prevention

5. Easy to wipe, easy to wash, and not easy to deform

the integrated wall surface is treated by nano level anti oil and anti inclusion processes, so it is relatively simple in daily cleaning and maintenance, and it is OK to wipe it with a cloth or mop directly

6. It is moisture-proof and mildew proof, with superior performance

and it is very suitable for humid areas in the south. It has good moisture-proof performance and is not easy to mildew

editor's summary: the above is about how well Ouyi integrated wall is and the characteristics of the integrated wall. Ouyi integrated wall can give consumers different production ideas according to the different decorative spaces, making your home environment more comfortable. It is a very good brand




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