Five methods for keeping Chinese toon sprouts fres

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Five methods for keeping Chinese toon sprouts fresh Zheng Kai, Secretary General of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, said that

Chinese toon sprouts are high-end food that people like to eat very much. This kind of vegetable is very rich in nutritional value and contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids needed by the human body. In order to improve the product quality of Chinese toon sprouts and solve the problem that Chinese toon sprouts are prone to defoliation, decay, discoloration and taste loss after harvest, the following methods can be used

1. Storage in the basement

in the basement or in a cool ventilated place, sprinkle water on the ground first, and then stack the Chinese toons on the mat, about 10cm thick, covered with fresh grass or plastic film for moisturizing, which can be stored for 5 ~ 7 days. In the peak season of bud production, it can disperse the peak and balance the supply market

2. Soaking stump storage method

tidy up the base of Toona sinensis buds of the same size, bundle them into small handfuls, stand them in a basin or pool, add clean water, about 3 ~ 5cm deep, soak them for 1 day and night, and then put them into a basket, which can be stored for 1 week

III. plastic bag sealing method

use 40 cm X50 cm or 35 cm X25 cm plastic bags to put the fresh buds bundled into small bags and seal them for 10 ~ 20 days. The bag can be opened for air exchange once halfway

otherwise you will die more miserably.

IV. quick freezing storage method

scald with hot water, and then quickly freeze in a low temperature of minus 15 ~ 20 ℃, and keep the temperature at minus 10 ~ 15 ℃. When thawing, spray with 5 ~ 10% citric acid to protect color, flavor and prevent corruption

v. frozen storage

bundle the Chinese toon sprouts into small bundles, spray fluorspar adsorbed with garlic essential oil or directly with 0.01% hydrogen purine preservative, dry them and put them into plastic bags (plastic bags are more than 0.7mm thick), tie the bag mouth tightly, cool them and put them in the industrial trial production warehouse, and keep the temperature between -1 ℃ and 0 ℃. The bag can be opened every 10 ~ 15 days for air exchange. The oxygen content in the bag shall not be less than 2%, and the carbon dioxide content shall not exceed 5%, which can be guaranteed for 55 ~ 60 days. The construction of cold storage must be done well in large-scale intensive production

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