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The five highlights of the robot exhibition at the International Industrial Expo have been a feast for your eyes. Do you remember the robot people who sell cute, play the piano, play the magic cube, make coffee, squeeze juice, play chess, draw, play ball, carry, polish and spray paint in the industrial robot Museum first set up last year? He knows everything about music, chess, calligraphy and painting, and is not tired of hard work. Many fans were captured at the scene. At this year's Industrial Expo, which robots will show unique skills that you can't even think of? Under the theme of promoting intelligent manufacturing, what are the dynamics of the entire robot exhibition hall

this year's robot exhibition focuses on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, with a total of 150 exhibitors and all kinds of famous brands and young generals coming on stage together to display high-end robot equipment, integrated systems and application solutions at home and abroad. The exhibition area forms a "3+1" pattern, i.e. industrial robot machine, system integrated application, core parts manufacturing technology level and overall strength are further improved; 1 is the first service robot

group machines dance together. The five highlights are bound to feast your eyes!! Not to mention, with the exhibition ~ ~

highlight 1: large brands gathered, and many new faces appeared for the first time

the exhibition gathered Chinese and foreign complete machine robot manufacturers, including abb, FANUC, KUKA, Yaskawa, Na Zhi bu'eryue, stauber, Panasonic, OTC, Xinsong, Guangshu, xinshida, eston, evert, Guding and youao, so SEBS foaming materials will be more and more used to manufacture sports mats Yoga mats, rhythmic balance mats and other leisure and sports supplies, as well as old faces such as EDP, Epson, Yamaha, chelemei, dianzhuang, dongyouda, and Liqun automation

in addition, Italian KOMA, CITIC Heavy Industries, Qianjiang robot, Fossett, Tuda intelligence and Shenzhen Yinuo all participated in the exhibition for the first time; Japan then selects and assembles suitable jigs and jig blocks. Kawasaki robot has returned strongly after 8 years of separation, and it is refitted

as for robot integrators, Bozhong Seiko shocked the first robot exhibition with a large-scale booth of 639 square meters. Several automatic production lines, together with more than 10 robots, jointly demonstrated China's independent intelligent manufacturing, demonstrated the application of made in China in home appliances, 3C, medical treatment, automobile and other industries, and detonated the whole audience. It is said that the exhibition mode of industrial robot integrators participating in the exhibition and showing the overall production line of the industry on site is the first time in the domestic robot exhibition. It was the first time to participate in the exhibition. It was very aggressive

highlight 2: the first service robot zone is set up.

2015 robot exhibition is officially renamed from industrial robot exhibition to robot exhibition, with a special service robot zone

the service robot exhibition area, which was set up for the first time, is not large in scale, but it also has something remarkable. Led by Shanghai robot industrial park, Shenyang Xinsong, CITIC Heavy Industry, Nanjing Jingyao, Liangliang, new century and other companies will all display the service robot of cyclone fe4.1, a cyclone separation needle punched glass fiber filter membrane production system launched by their American fiberio company. (by the way, Xinsong now pays more attention to the service robot market ~ ~)

the service robot is a very young member of the robot family. With the intensification of social problems such as labor shortage and aging, and people's pursuit of quality of life, service robots have attracted more and more attention from all countries. Maybe in the future, it will develop in parallel with industrial robots

highlight 3: human-computer cooperation and safety cooperation

Yumi cooperated with the staff to make coffee with smart arms last year, which was loved by a large number of audiences. Since then, human-computer cooperative robots have come into people's vision. This year, more human-computer cooperation robots appear in the exhibition hall

abb's Yumi has come again. However, this year, it has changed its playing method and done serious work. It has made a brilliant debut with its unique skills in the field of precision component assembly and guided programming. It is said that Yumi is even capable of needlework. Of course, these are not difficult

in addition, KUKA, youao robot, FANUC, KOMA and nazhibuyue, including Xinsong robot, a local manufacturer, all showed their two arm robots or similar humanoid robots on site, emphasizing the safety of human-computer cooperation and the interaction with people

the man-machine cooperation function enables employees to work safely with robots at close range. It can meet the requirements of precision, intelligence and complexity, such as medical treatment, care and electronic assembly. At the same time, provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment. Man machine cooperation is not only a highlight of the robot exhibition, but also the future development direction

point 4: the blockbuster launch attracted worldwide attention

robot manufacturers all over the world have identified the huge potential of the Chinese market. The International Industrial Expo has become their preferred promotion channel, and they have chosen to launch heavy products in the robot exhibition of the Industrial Expo. High profile appearance, set up a PK

the most noteworthy is ABB's world's first ever largest heavy industrial robot IRB 8700

kuka launched a new generation of low load industrial robot Kr ctyec nano in the world; Fanuc robot cr-35ia, a new type of green cooperative robot in 2015, was launched by FANUC China; Kawasaki launched the latest double wrist positioning robot duaro in China; Shenyang Xinsong held a press conference at the site of the Industrial Expo and strongly launched the world's first heavyweight products. Panasonic and KOMA will have their first products on show

highlight 5: a full set of integrated applications or production lines will be moved to the site

integrated system application exhibition area will be another highlight of this robot exhibition. Many robot manufacturers have cooperated with a number of partners to integrate research and development, and moved the production lines and application systems applied in all walks of life into the exhibition site, so that the audience can directly witness the real use of robots

the customized flexible equipment production line displayed by FANUC is the first in China and can be regarded as the landing sample of made in China 2025; ABB shows the world's leading ultra flexible BIW solutions; YASKAWA showed a number of robot systems, covering solutions for arc welding, grinding, spraying, electric welding, etc; KUKA also brought kwr iiwa mobile robot workstation to the exhibition; Epson has a variety of professional solutions to provide solutions for customers in 3C, food processing, auto parts, instrumentation and other industries

in addition, a number of domestic system integrators led by Suzhou Bozhong Seiko will make a high-profile appearance, such as Jiangsu Jinming, lexida, Jiateng, daylong, HENGQIANG technology, onward, Huatai CNC and other enterprises will exhibit in a scale of more than 100 square meters. Bozhong Seiko also moved several production lines and equipment to the site, such as automatic wet towel capping equipment, unmanned automatic assembly production line and automatic logistics and warehousing system

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