Five main advantages of short tail locking bolt

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This paper briefly describes the five main advantages of short tail locking bolt

short tail locking bolt, also known as non broken tail locking bolt, is a new type of high locking bolt. Compared with traditional hexagon bolts and ring groove rivets, short tail locking bolts have superior clamping force and corrosion resistance. They are mainly used in containers, railway trucks, heavy trucks, construction, solar power plants and other fields

the strength value of the short tail bolt will be too large

there are five advantages for the short tail bolt master to cut off the power supply:

1. The device is fast. It is more than twice the speed of the traditional ring groove rivet device

2. The installation effect can be visually inspected

3, no broken tail. Reduce the waste of materials, low noise and excellent corrosion resistance of the display screen with the best safety protection for aircraft and other vehicles

4, higher anti fatigue and anti-seismic effect and clamping force

5. The installation process is stable without vibration, effectively reducing the impact on workers and the fatigue of operators

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