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Five "inflection points" of 2005 wine packaging design

inflection point 1: environmental protection of materials and acceleration of innovation

the breakthrough and development of wine packaging largely depend on the innovation and upgrading of packaging materials. Industry insiders lament that today, with the rapid change of packaging materials, Chinese wine packaging is the fastest and most selective of new packaging materials. However, due to irrational selection and even abuse in the past, the packaging of Chinese wine has not been improved much

this year, the biggest improvement of wine packaging will be the extensive development and use of environmentally friendly packaging materials, and the conscious reduction of material costs, which is mainly due to the gradual realization by many enterprises that high-end packaging is not equal to the simple accumulation of high-end materials. In addition, the process of glass and ceramic containers is gradually simplified, and the artistic appreciation is enhanced. For example, movies often reflect the atmosphere by adding artistic details, rather than simply relying on large-scale production and technological skills; The practicability and environmental protection of the outer packaging and lining materials have been enhanced, the outer packaging materials have been transformed into non coated materials, and the lining materials have been transformed into environmental protection "eggshell" and corrugated paper

inflection point 2: accelerating the process of element integration

at present, Chinese wine packaging is very similar in form and content. The reason for this problem is that designers lack integration and creation of design elements, are limited to simply copying existing resources in the industry, and lack of reference to resources outside the industry. From the gradual introduction and successive success of "bronze carving style", "corrugated paper style", "ancient coins, Chinese knot decoration style" to "snuff bottle technique", "Chinese paper cutting style", "classical garden style" and "Western Sichuan residential style", in 2005, China's wine packaging will increasingly learn from and absorb excellent materials from various outside resources such as history, humanities, regions and folk customs for integration

in addition, with the secondary creation of some existing excellent elements of wine packaging, will "Variation" shows more forms and contents. The Luzhou alcohol packaging developed by Chengdu Binghuo Design Co., Ltd. this year draws on many design elements of wine packaging, deeply processes the details through exquisite manufacturing techniques, and creates a high-end and authentic image of Sichuan wine. Inflection point 3: restore the cultural essence

culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of every consumer, which can arouse strong resonance with consumers and promote Sales. Wine in France, vodka in Russia, beer in Germany and sake in Japan have all represented the culture of a country and nation and become a symbol carrier of culture, which is inseparable from the wine packaging with unique cultural connotation

in China, Hunan drunkard and Jinshi took the lead in introducing cultural marketing at the end of the last century, setting off an upsurge in the industry. However, it is a pity that many enterprises have stepped into the misunderstanding of fabricating a history and a story, which is simply reflected in the packaging. Looking back on the packaging of Chinese liquor in recent years, Jixiang Fen Liquor (2002 Chinese Culture Gold Award), Bancheng Shaoguo (2001, 2003 World Star), Shuijingfang, icing on the cake (2004 World Star), and Hejiu have initially shown the cultural connotation. Long zhaoshu and ChenXiaoMing believe that cultural marketing is one of the trends of liquor marketing, but it is difficult to truly understand and reflect it in packaging

China has a long history and profound culture. If it is combined with wine culture and corporate culture through packaging, marketing will get twice the result with half the effort. Now, both enterprises and designers have realized the significance of culture in wine packaging, and cultural characteristics will be more prominent in the future

inflection point 4: strive for simplicity and sprint vision

Marc gobe, a famous brand master (president, CEO and Executive Creative Director of the world's top ten brand image creative companies - "d/g countries keep machines clean") mentioned in his latest Chinese Book emotional brand that packaging is a half second commercial advertisement. It must work immediately to get your attention, or to build your intimacy about a product

good packaging is a silent "Promoters" means that within half a second of consumers' contact with products, they will attract consumers and achieve the purpose of promotion. Therefore, in the competitive market, in order to facilitate image communication, it is bound to require simple packaging design to achieve the effect of sprinting consumers' vision.

the packaging of kongyiji twelve year old flower carving wine of COFCO Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. has a distinctive theme with simple color combinations and smooth bottle lines Out of the ground reflects the product demands. The simple white background, classic black fonts, soothing ink lines and interesting red icons in the whole package reflect the enthusiasm of enterprises and designers, presenting a thrilling and fascinating artistic conception

inflection point 5: explore interesting viewing highlights

in the bottle label design of "Yantai Great Wall", the hot gold coastline logo and frame structure are used in an interesting way, coupled with simple and clear background colors and patterns, which is very eye-catching, making it stand out in many wine packaging. Jiangzixiang believes that the highlight of wine packaging can make the product colorful in the plain, and add its interest in the ordinary experiment, which is the so-called "finishing touch". The flexible packaging mainly made of plastic film plays an important role in all kinds of packaging products. Only when the ornamental highlights of flavor comply with the connotation of products and culture, and meet the appreciation taste of consumers, can they add color to the whole packaging and attract the attention of consumers

the hollowed out panes of Chinese garden style on the packaging of jiangzixiang's icing on the cake series, the classical fan design in the packaging of jiaohonglin's Shuxiang family series, and the Chinese traditional snuff bottle technique in the design of chenxiaolin's Shuijingfang all show a strong flavor of traditional culture, and interestingly convey the traditional and modern brand ideas of the products. The stable, luxurious and classic brand demands are used as the viewing highlights to make the whole packaging bright

in addition, the establishment of an effective communication platform between wine enterprises and packaging enterprises will also be an important link in the development of wine packaging in 2005, moving forward from the original single tension and compression experiment to a variety of experimental characteristic tests

source: China's food industry

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