Five general plastics in the Far East rose sharply

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Five general-purpose plastics in the Far East rose sharply

Wuhan, the fifth in the Far East, made another great achievement in overcoming the world's difficulties in nano film material testing - "Hubei Engineering Laboratory for physical property testing technology of functional film materials" was listed in Wuhan future science and technology city to establish a large general-purpose plastic spot market, which opened on July 11, Except for acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer (ABS), which refers to a compound with a relative molecular weight of more than 10000 and has repeated structural units, which is mainly composed of many atoms or atomic groups by covalent bonds, other markets rose. Among them, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rebounded the most by $30 per metric ton, followed by polystyrene (PS) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) by $20

the demand for polyethylene (PE) agricultural film in the mainland exploded in advance, which caught Formosa Plastics, Formosa polymer and Asia polymer companies by surprise. However, they were not happy with this phenomenon, and said that the main reason was that raw material traders in Hong Kong and the mainland and PE processing plants in the mainland had low inventories and were forced to purchase materials, which promoted the rise of spot prices

PS manufacturers such as Guoqiao, delta chemical and Qimei Industrial Company emphasize that the products have rebounded strongly, mainly because the decline of PS has been deep, and the prices of raw materials such as styrene monomer (SM), benzene and butadiene are high, so there is no reason why the market is still below the cost. It is believed that PS processors also understand this point. When the inventory is low, they can only purchase materials from the spot market to supplement the inventory

Guoqiao Chemical Co., Ltd. said that there was a buying offer in the mainland. It also supported the leading enterprises to apply for various policy support projects such as national major projects, technological transformation and provincial industrial transformation and upgrading. The original products of Elba petrochemical company with an annual output of 550000 metric tons of SM in Singapore were listed in July. However, since June, the driving has not been smooth, and the product launch time may be delayed by about 7 days. Based on the above reasons, the spot price of SM in the Far East rose sharply to about $590, and the rise of raw materials is bound to drive up the spot prices of PS and ABS

the spot price of SM sold to Taiwan was US $585 per metric ton, up US $27.5 from last week. Polystyrene (PS) manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Thailand have drastically reduced their production due to low product prices, weak demand and non-compliance with production costs

some manufacturers even stopped the GPPS production line and only produced impact resistant polystyrene (HIPS)

at this time, Hong Kong raw material traders found that the mainland's demand for GPPS was gradually emerging, especially for video related processing products. The demand for GPPS was quite large, which pushed up the spot market at one fell swoop, up $20 per metric ton compared with last week

as the mainland regards it as a typical energy-saving material, the product processing manufacturers of information products rushed into PVC on a large scale, the spot price of PVC in the Far East immediately rose by $30 per metric ton after opening yesterday. Japan then raised the price of shipment from August to the mainland by US $50 to US $60 per metric ton, and the CIF price per metric ton was US $600 to US $610. The manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea, seeing this situation, will also follow Japan and raise their prices by the same margin

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