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Five fake putty powder dens in Macheng were implicated in more than 40 million cases

five fake putty powder dens in Macheng were implicated in more than 40 million cases


[China paint information] recently, Hu moubo from Macheng, Huo moujin and Liu mouyong from Anhui, and Guo mouhua from Henan were transferred to Macheng public Security Bureau for prosecution on suspicion of counterfeiting registered trademarks, ZhangMou Xi, a man from Macheng, was transferred for prosecution for the crime of selling illegally manufactured registered trademark marks

in the "spring offensive" special action against counterfeits launched by Huanggang police in 2013, the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau found five dens in Macheng that produce fake putty powder of various brands. Five putty powder factories, including songjiahe brother putty powder factory in Macheng City, Macheng branch of Beijing Shengxue Technology Co., Ltd., putty powder factory near baitahe, guoshaohua putty powder factory, Nanhu Shilipu former xiaoxueli putty powder factory, were found to have a large number of finished putty powder packaging, semi-finished products and putty powder woven bags. There are nine brands involved in counterfeiting registered trademarks, including Beida brand, Shengxue brand, Shuanghu brand, Jiabaoli brand, Nippon brand, haosijia brand, Dabao brand, China Resources brand and Jialishi brand

the production and sales modes of these putty powder factories are similar. Without the permission or authorization of the trademark owner, they purchase putty powder raw materials such as Shuangfei powder and lime calcium powder from other places for mixing and processing, and then make finished putty powder, which is packaged and sold in various brand putty powder woven bags purchased from other places (or local). Their products are sold to Macheng City, towns and surrounding counties and cities

investigators followed suit and destroyed the dens selling various brands of putty powder woven bags. According to the inquiry, the store claimed that since March, 2010, it has purchased woven bags of various brands from Cen and Xie in Rui'an City, Zhejiang Province without authorization or permission of any trademark owner, and sold them to various manufacturers producing putty powder in Macheng, with an illegal business amount of hundreds of thousands of yuan

subsequently, the Economic Investigation Brigade of Huanggang Public Security Bureau organized all personnel to go deep into the markets, residential areas, warehouses, urban-rural areas and other places under its jurisdiction, and the utilization rate of extensive high-performance plastic materials increased from 6.1% in 2013 to 15% in 2016 to collect clues about counterfeits. During the mopping, the police found that there were counterfeit registered trademarks in the building materials industry, especially in the putty powder industry. After a large number of investigations and visits, as well as the secret investigation of the second largest metallurgical equipment production and R & D enterprise, it was found that Liu mouyong and others had set up a putty powder factory at the junction of Macheng and the suburbs of Macheng, and counterfeit the registered trademarks of Shengxue, Beida, sankeshu, Shuanghu and China Resources to produce and sell putty powder. Their acts were suspected of the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks. After the case was filed, the investigators, through a variety of investigation means and more than two months of follow-up and investigation, gradually found out the fact that five suspect Liu Yiyong, Huo Yijin, guoyihua, Hu Yibo and Zhang Yixi were suspected of counterfeiting registered trademarks

in view of the seriousness of the case, the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security immediately organized the local public security organs involved in the case to conduct an in-depth investigation on the relevant clues, quickly identified the activity rules and organizational structure of local criminal gangs, and organized a joint collection operation on June 18 to jointly attack and achieve major results. The third corps of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security commanded Hubei, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and other places to carry out a campaign to close the case of Liu Yong and others counterfeiting registered trademarks in Macheng, Hubei. A total of 11 cases were filed and 11 cases were solved, 12 suspect were arrested, 9 criminal gangs were destroyed, 10 sales and storage dens were destroyed, 22190 bags of fake putty powder and 216600 woven bags were seized, and the economic loss of 3.05 million yuan was recovered to achieve high-quality development of the raw material industry, The total value involved in the case is 443 yuan, otherwise the fixture will be damaged by more than 20000 yuan

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