Five growth points in the hottest laser projection

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The laser projection market has ushered in five growth points

science and technology stimulate demand, and demand promotes the development of science and technology. As a mature long-term light source technology, laser light source technology has the advantages of long service life, high brightness and wide color gamut, and is recognized by the market. Many brands have launched laser projection products one after another. The application fields of the products have been continuously developed and the application scenarios have been continuously innovated. According to AVC Revo data, the market scale of laser projection in Chinese Mainland reached 418000 units in 2018, with a year-on-year increase of 35.9%

market structure of laser projection segment in Chinese Mainland in 2018

data source: congratulations to ligung AVC revo

laser projection has increased to varying degrees in the five segments:

education market: the education market share is still the first. According to the data of ovelvo (AV2, the test sample should twists and turns on the curved core), the sales volume of laser projection education market in 2018 was 181000 units, accounting for 43.3%, with a year-on-year increase of 7.9%. As the thinning project is coming to an end, the growth rate of the market is relatively slow. However, with the emergence of new educational modes, educational entertainment and other scenes, large-size, high-definition and immersive displays have become new demands in the educational market. At the same time, the advantages of slow brightness attenuation and eye protection of laser projection just cater to the application of new scenes and new modes

after all, most of the screws for household use have been introduced into the barrel Market: the household market is a segment with rapid growth. According to AVC Revo, in 2018, the scale of the household laser projection market accounted for 36.1%, and the sales volume was 151000 units, an increase of 99.7% year-on-year. The rise of laser TV is the main factor to promote the growth of household market. The price of LCD TV products above 80 inches is more than 30000, while the average price of laser TV in the household market is 19000. The price of laser TV continues to drop, and consumers increasingly agree with laser TV. Various brand manufacturers are also very optimistic about the development of laser TV, and the household market will continue to grow in 2019

engineering market: the engineering market is still the most concerned segment. According to AVC Revo, the sales volume of laser projection engineering market in 2018 was 42000 units, accounting for 10.1% of the market, with a year-on-year increase of 23.6%. The development of cultural tourism has promoted the use of high-end laser engineering projection in lighting projects. The development of catering and holographic banquet halls has driven the market increment of lumen laser projection

business market: business market is the segment with the largest growth space. According to AVC Revo, in 2018, the sales volume of laser projection business market was 27000 units, accounting for 6.5% of the market share, with a year-on-year increase of 43.3%. The cost of laser commercial projection products continues to decline. In 2018, BenQ released three commercial laser projection products, of which the price of lx7000std is as low as 6999 yuan. The application of cost-effective laser TV in the business market will also drive the growth of the business market. The business market is not only limited to meeting scenes, but more and more products are used in KTV, bars, restaurants and other entertainment places

Cinema Line Market: the cinema line has gradually entered the era of laser projector. With the maturity of laser projector technology, in 2018, the sales of laser projectors in the cinema market reached 17000, accounting for 4.0%, with a year-on-year increase of 52.0%. Cinemas are sinking to the third and fourth tier cities, and the cinema market in the third and fourth tier cities and the western region can be expected in the future

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