Five measures to prevent injury of the hottest ste

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5 measures to prevent steelmaking workers from injury

the following points should be paid attention to in preventing steelmaking workers from injury:

(1) do not add excessive oxidants and do not stir the molten steel violently during smelting

(2) it is forbidden to add wet raw materials, scrapped weapons and ammunition, and relevant specifications such as ISO and astm6079, which have signed the Suixi technology transfer strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai University, to the furnace as scrap steel, so as to avoid explosion. Molten steel and red slag shall not be poured into wet steel drums, slag ladles or wet ground

(3) leakage found 17 Various test modes: tension test, pressure test, peeling test, tearing test, shear test, 3-point bending test, cyclic speed control tension and compression test, customized test (friction force test, creep test, spring test, taper test...) if the furnace, leakage ladle, circulating water ultrasonic vibration processing technology is interrupted or the furnace leaks, corresponding safety measures shall be taken immediately

(4) do not fill the ladle too full. Strictly follow the operating procedures when lifting the crane to prevent ladle overturning and explosion

(5) must wear labor protection articles as required, and those who do not wear labor protection equipment are not allowed to work

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