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The "five iron rules" that can not be touched by advertisements

"Bishengyuan" Changrun tea has been repeatedly exaggerated on Beijing buses, and even has the effect of curing all diseases; The golden partner of "giving gifts with brain platinum" and "giving teachers, relatives, friends and leaders" makes you unbearable; HP, the initiator of "don't even think about it", had to apologize to Lenovo in the end...

we can find the above cases of corporate advertising or Self Justification everywhere. So, we can't help but ask, is there a bottom line for enterprise publicity, and how do we grasp the degree of publicity

everything has its internal laws and universally applicable value standards. The marketing promotion and publicity of enterprises also need to follow such internal laws rather than destroy them. Therefore, to sum up, the author believes that enterprises must abide by the following bottom lines in the process of publicity and brand promotion, otherwise they may step on the "landmine", be warned or educated, or be punished or even shut down

first of all, the law is a red line and cannot be touched. Just like breaking the law and abiding by the law, although it is only a word, it is like ice and fire. Therefore, as a business owner or enterprise's communication and promotion personnel, it must first be a person with certain legal knowledge

secondly, morality is an invisible wall. Don't hit it. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, most people have tasted the taste of hitting the wall. Although it is uncomfortable, you can only bear it silently, because only you hit the wall, not the wall. In the operation and promotion of enterprises, although morality has less strong binding force than the law, it can still reflect the soft power of "not angry but powerful". Once it is violated, it is also difficult to suffer

the enterprise publicity that violates the code of ethics has broken away from the most basic moral bottom line commonly observed by the public to highlight human relations, society and values. This kind of marketing and promotion behavior only gains popularity, which is bound to fail to contribute to the accumulation of reputation, and even make up for it through the reputation accumulated in the previous period. Therefore, marketing should be carried out on the basis of universally applicable moral values in the target market, otherwise it will cause the public's deep-seated disgust and resistance. Once this awareness is formed, even if you get immediate attention, it is difficult to get long-term benign market feedback

although the good sales of melatonin and its twin brother gold partner have made Shi Yuzhu a comeback, the author always believes that melatonin and gold partner cannot be enterprises for hundreds of years because they lack the basis for the recognition of the public's moral values. Therefore, Shi Yuzhu, the "shadow boss", is sure to change a brand after a period of time

third, honesty is the foundation, and fraud is not allowed. Since ancient times, the way of doing business has been "integrity-based", advocating "no deception between the old and the young". Enterprises and ideas that try to cheat and cheat can only succeed for a while at best, and sooner or later they will show the tail of the fox. Especially in an era when information is extremely developed, information is not always transparent, and the propagation speed and diffusion area are multiplied, an enterprise will pay a very high price for fraud. Once master Hu's smokeless pot, which was once popular, was torn off that layer of fig leaf, it would only end up in a miserable scene of "running" and be removed from the market by various terminals

fourth, the ecological environment of the industry should not be damaged. Whether an enterprise can have a good ecological environment is a necessary condition for its healthy development. In particular, the industry ecological environment mainly refers to the relationship between the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation determined by the same industry. This relationship not only refers to competition, but also needs communication and cooperation to jointly promote the benign development of the industry. Zhuoyue consulted Lenovo about the "slop clothes" incident of European fashion brand Austria Shishang in 2005, that is, Austria Shishang was exposed to recycle clothes worn by stars or the media for resale. Under crisis 8 After the operation, the power switch must be turned off. However, the CEO of aoshishang Shanghai company made a statement saying that this is a hidden rule of the industry?, Peers do the same

as we all know, business competition itself is a process of ebb and flow. When an enterprise crisis occurs, whether the competitors are wise to protect themselves, lend a helping hand, or fall into the trap will play a crucial role for the enterprises in crisis. In this case, Austria Shishang has lost one game in communication with competitors. When the CEO was interviewed by the media, he not only did not find out the reason from himself, but also said that "we are very happy to reveal the truth" and "many peers have been doing this all the time". Obviously, the man wanted to pull everyone down together

hardness value range in the "business way" of enterprise operation, there is a recognized principle in the field of internal mining, that is, you can say that you are good, but you should not say that your competitors are bad. In particular, you should not involve the whole industry, let alone damage the ecological environment of the industry. We believe that the competitors or peers of aoshishang will certainly learn a lesson from aoshishang. Then, whether the CEO's words are true or false, they will inevitably cause harm to the entire industry, and undoubtedly push themselves to the opposite of all peers

finally, corporate propaganda should stay away from politics. Politics is a high-voltage line, and it is dynamic. As an enterprise, it is difficult to grasp it. Therefore, in the daily operation and publicity process of the enterprise, try not to make statements involving political tendencies, otherwise once errors occur, "the consequences will be very serious", and the details will not be repeated. (end)

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