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Hazards and protective measures of pressure machinery

1. Main hazards

(1) misoperation. The single process and frequent operation are easy to cause people's mental tension and fatigue. If the material is loaded and unloaded by hand, especially when the foot switch is used, it is very prone to malfunction, and there is only the sound of machine operation in the ear, resulting in hand rolling accidents or equipment damage

(2) dyskinesia. Fast speed and high productivity. In the case of manual loading and unloading, physical consumption is large, and it is easy to produce movement disorders and accidents. The main reason for the hand rolling accident of pressure machinery is the loss of balance of hands and feet in the process of feeding and taking out machined parts. It is also prone to hand rolling accidents when finding the position of materials and taking out the stuck materials in the die

(3) poor cooperation of many people. The press operated by many people is also prone to accidents if it is not well coordinated

(4) equipment failure. Some faults of the pressure machinery itself, such as clutch failure, sliding block when adjusting the mold, foot switch out of control, etc., will cause personal injury accidents. People often think that safety devices can ensure safety, so they are mentally unprepared for the failure of safety devices, resulting in accidents

2. Safety protection measures

(1) before starting operation, it is necessary to carefully check whether the protective device is intact and whether the clutch braking device is flexible, safe and reliable. All unnecessary objects on the workbench should be cleaned up. 90% of managers think that their enterprises with 0.46 ~ 0.50 are lack of talent reserves, so as to prevent them from falling on the foot switch during work, causing accidents due to the sudden start of the punch

(2) when punching small workpieces, they should not be used. For example, there should be special tools with different results in the requirements of the lower limit of measurement of the experimental machine and the verification of the discrimination threshold. It is best to install automatic feeding devices

(3) the operator must be careful about the control of the foot switch. When loading and unloading the workpiece, the foot should leave the switch, and irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited to stay around the foot switch

(4) if the workpiece is stuck in the mold, use a special tool to take it out. Do not hold it by hand, and remove your feet from the pedal

(5) when more than one person operates, they must coordinate and cooperate with each other, and designate a special person to take charge of the command

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