Danger and safety measures of the hottest storage

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The dangers and safety measures of various storage tanks

adopt the tank top that can be pressed from above

set fire spraying facilities to prevent overpressure caused by the rise of external temperature and the generation of steam

from being placed in a humid environment

keep the gas tank at a proper distance from other equipment to reduce the spread of fire and facilitate fire fighting activities

install a flame arrester on the exhaust tank

install a grounding system to prevent the formation of ignition sources due to static electricity accumulation, lightning stroke or sparks. The instillation port is set on the opposite side facing the ruler port

fixed fire extinguishers for fire extinguishing are set

barrier (liquid) cofferdams are set to prevent leakage from flowing out and spreading. More than two leading electronic and chemical material enterprises in China have been cultivated

for the relevant departments, a number of policies and measures have been issued to adjust the corrosive liquid and the corrosive substances doped in the liquid, and the tank shell is made of corrosion-resistant materials, Or make corrosion-resistant lining in the tank

for Li Ning, prevent the tank bottom from contacting the ground to produce electric corrosion, and apply antirust paint on the outside of the tank bottom plate; And dip the heavy oil or asphalt with low sulfur content within 10mm on the basis of contact with the tank bottom.

in order to prevent the abnormal rise of the liquid level, in addition to installing a liquid level indicator that can roughly measure the liquid volume, a ruler port should be set to accurately detect the liquid volume.

install a liquid level gauge and an automatic check valve, so that the liquid volume can be known in advance, Sometimes, it is also possible to install safety valves to prevent excessive filling

set up water spray cooling devices for cooling bare spherical tanks, and install thermal insulation protective layers on the legs of spherical tanks

leave a safe distance

select materials without low temperature brittleness: aluminum killed steel is used for above 46 ℃ (propane); 2.5% or 3.5% nickel steel is used below 46 ℃; When the temperature reaches 96 ℃ (natural gas), 9% nickel steel or aluminized steel

the part connecting the storage tank and the foundation will arch up the bottom of the tank due to the freezing of water in the land, or bend and damage due to the temperature difference of the foundation

perlite concrete with strong heat insulation is poured at the bottom of the tank, which is used as a cold insulation layer

to reserve a gap channel in the foundation, so that the air can circulate smoothly or electric heating facilities are buried in the foundation; Or lay the circulating pipeline of antifreeze

seal dry nitrogen in the cold insulation material layer between the inner and outer walls to prevent the cold insulation material from moisture absorption, so that the leaked combustible gas will not generate combustible gas

install an explosive mixed gas detector to detect whether there is explosive mixed gas between the inner wall and the outer wall

set an oil (liquid) barrier

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