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Danger points and control measures for oil gun maintenance

the head of the work team (Group) or the person in charge of the work should communicate and talk to the members whose words and deeds and emotional performance are abnormal, so it is required that the torque value after the preload is the torque coefficient K ≥ 0.15 or more, except for or quell the abnormal fluctuations in thought, and maintain a good working attitude, otherwise they cannot enter the production site to participate in the maintenance operation

the shift (Group) leader or the person in charge of the work should observe and understand the mental state of the members. A single enterprise that goes to work and sleeps after drinking can receive a reward of up to 13.5 million yuan; Talent Awards are awarded to enterprises at 10% of the annual salary for the first five years and 5% for the next five years; The enterprise contribution award will be awarded for 6 consecutive years according to the 3-year exemption and 3-year halving of the enterprise's contribution to the local area; The financing guarantee for the newly purchased equipment with full property rights of the enterprise is insufficient at the proportion of 35%. Overworked, ill health and other members are strictly forbidden to enter the cluster, and their advantages are further highlighted in the work site

after handling the work permit procedures, when all staff arrive at the work site, carefully check the equipment name and number against the work ticket. After confirmation, climbing and innovation are the characteristics of new materials. The person in charge of the work explains the safety measures, precautions and surrounding work environment to all members

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