Dandong accelerates the construction of R & D syst

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Dandong accelerates the construction of R & D system of instrument and meter industry base

generally, pressure sensors are adopted (pressure sensors are basically adopted for large tonnage). Water printing and dyeing industry and instrument and meter industry are not only the characteristic industries of Dandong, but also the new growth point of rapid economic and social development in Dandong in recent years. Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Bureau of science and technology that this year, we will spare no efforts to promote the construction of major projects such as anhydrous printing and dyeing, and speed up the construction of the R & D system of the instrument and meter industry base where we saw two female criminal suspects Li and Bai in Shenyang detention center. This is undoubtedly for the realization of Dandong's set goals in the new year. The circuit between the main body of reinjection stimulants and the dynamometer adopts plug connection

it is understood that Dandong will basically build a water free printing and dyeing technology research institute and put it into operation in 2010, striving to reach the level of a national enterprise R & D center as soon as possible and enhance industrial upgrading. At the same time, efforts should be made to lengthen the industrial chain of anhydrous printing and dyeing technology, establish an enterprise alliance with anhydrous printing and dyeing technology research institute as the technical support and enterprises such as additives, fabrics, equipment, clothing, functional textiles and bleaching and refining processing as the main body, and initially form an anhydrous printing and dyeing enterprise group and industrial base prototype. In addition, Dandong will actively create conditions to strive to make Dandong's anhydrous printing and dyeing industrial base timely listed as the provincial key industrial base

at the third annual academic conference of Liaoning Province held in Dandong last year, 30 top academicians and experts and well-known entrepreneurs in the domestic instrument and meter industry actively offered suggestions and ideas for the development of Dandong's instrument and meter industry. As the instrument base of Liaoning Province, Dandong is full of vitality and vigor that has never been seen before. According to the science and Technology Bureau, in 2010, Dandong will focus on promoting the construction of R & D system of instrument and meter industry base, and establish Dandong instrument and Meter Research Institute within the year. Strive to build a system of technology research and development institutions in key fields, including X-ray instruments, fluid metering instruments, nuclear instruments and detection technology, automatic control instruments, etc. Strive to make these key technology R & D centers stationed in the R & D building of the instrument and meter industry base

in addition, start and operate public technology service platforms for instrument manufacturing industry, such as instrument resource supply and demand platform, instrument science and technology environment coordination platform, instrument scientific and technological achievements transformation platform, etc

in today's era, win-win cooperation is the booster of development. This year, Dandong will choose an appropriate time to hold a special industry university research cooperation conference in the instrument industry base to achieve zero distance docking. It is proposed to invite more than 20 research institutes with strong R & D strength from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of electrical Sciences, aerospace and important areas of domestic instruments and meters, and nearly 100 people to Denmark to attract and encourage the establishment of branches in Dandong. At the same time, we should innovate the ways of cooperation between enterprises and colleges and universities to establish industry university research technology alliances or jointly build R & D institutions and joint laboratories, and encourage enterprises to act as pilot test bases for colleges and universities, so as to improve the level of cooperation

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