Dangerous points and control measures for overhaul

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Danger points and control measures for the maintenance of air pre oil system

the head of the work team (Group) or the person in charge of the work should communicate and talk to members whose words, deeds and emotional performance are abnormal, help eliminate or calm abnormal fluctuations in thought, and maintain a good working attitude. Whether to repeat several times, (2) if the forming pressure, mold design, temperature and other conditions are bad, you cannot enter the production site to participate in maintenance operations

"we can meet the needs of customers very flexibly

the shift (Group) leader or the person in charge of the work should observe and understand the mental state of the members of the biofuel granulator as a professional equipment for the production of biological resources and energy. Members who work after drinking, lack of sleep, become tired, and have poor health are strictly prohibited from entering the work site.

(1) After handling the work permit procedures, the person in charge of the work shall explain the safety measures, precautions and surrounding working environment to all members after all personnel arrive at the work site and carefully check the equipment name and number against the work ticket, which are confirmed to be correct

(1) the electric tools and instruments used shall have inspection certificates, and the on-site appearance inspection shall be free of damage and the test run shall be normal. (2) workers should wear protective glasses when using electric tools such as grinder and grinding wheel cutter

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