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The three elements of the rapid growth of the medical plastic market

the medical plastic industry has attracted much attention for its high added value, high growth rate and broad market potential. This is an important feature. Through the use of new plastic materials, medical devices can be safer and more environmentally friendly. Over the past 15 years, the annual growth rate of the international medical plastic products market has reached as high as 1518%, ranking first in the annual growth rate of various medical device products market

economic improvement promotes the growth of medical equipment market

it is expected that the economic growth of Southeast Asian countries will be strong, and the consumption of medical care will double. With the aggravation of population aging and population increase, investment in medical equipment production will be promoted. Policies and regulations for the health care industry are also increasingly standardized. With the increase of costs and attention to health care, the quality of medical devices has become particularly important. With economic growth, Asian countries are increasing investment in the health care market. The per capita health care consumption level in the Asia Pacific region is far lower than that in North America and Europe, but as countries increasingly attach importance to national health and happiness satisfaction, per capita health care consumption is increasing

overall scale expansion of medical equipment

reduction of production costs the Asia Pacific Medical device industry is export-oriented. With the increase of manpower and production costs, many large manufacturers have to relocate their production bases. After China, new Southeast Asian economies, such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, have become the production bases of many European and American multinational companies. More medical device companies want to move their businesses to these countries. Low production costs make the region more attractive. In addition, the local government is also actively committed to reducing costs and eliminating trade barriers, and promoting the trade of medical equipment

"To maintain growth in the transformation and upgrading, the increase of disposable income promotes the demand for medical services.

in the past 20 years, the attitude of consumers in the Asia Pacific region towards health preservation has changed significantly, mainly due to economic development and the improvement of living standards and education. More and more consumers and patients are willing to understand the medical industry and buy Medical and health services, such as self diagnosis tools.

from the overall perspective In terms of market and technology, the overall plastic processing technology of medical equipment processing has been very mature. The key is how the city should cut the sampling blank at a distance of 1/4 of the board width from the edge, and the price is weak to better meet the supporting needs of medical products processing enterprises, that is, how to combine with the corresponding matching equipment to provide a full set of combination schemes for the medical products processing industry, such as the gradual improvement of various secondary forming equipment, assembly equipment, etc, The demand of medical plastic products industry is quite urgent

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