Dangerous points and control measures of equipment

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Danger points and control measures of indoor equipment structure support painting

1.1 operators should wear soft soled shoes with good skid resistance to remove oil stains on the soles

1.2 operators must wear safety helmets. On the premise of ensuring the stability of standing and center of gravity, check whether the climbing foot nails and ladder rungs are firm one by one

1.4 fasten your safety belt immediately after you are in place

2.1 before climbing the structure, the pole position of the climbing position should be selected to prove that there is no live equipment nearby

2.2 when climbing the structure with live equipment nearby, there should be a specially assigned person to monitor and maintain a sufficient safety distance from the live body

1.1 when transferring the work place, the permission of the person in charge of the work (Guardian) must be obtained, and the transfer route should be studied in advance

1.2 when one side of the suspension porcelain insulator suspended on both sides of the frame beam is charged, a special supervisor must be set up to carry out positioning supervision

1.3 it is strictly forbidden to pass through live leads or jumpers

1.1 ground operators must wear safety helmets. The Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Finance and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission have further studied the implementation and utilization of new materials.

1.2 ground operators and work principals always monitor the transmission of objects and avoid falling objects in time

2.1 the objects to be transferred should be bound firmly and move smoothly. Baycusan? Should be added to the formula? C 1010 can make hair in extremely wet and dry environment, and avoid the equipment below

2.2 the paint poured into the impact oil box shall not exceed 1/2 of the oil box

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