Dangerous points and pre control of the hottest dr

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Dangerous points and pre control of drilling, cutting and grinding

1 Electric shock injury

1) the electric tools used for fixing shall be reliably grounded and all parts shall be well insulated; Mobile electric tools should be connected with leakage protectors

2) wear insulating gloves when using electric tools such as electric drills. Do not touch electric lights, switches and electrical equipment with wet hands

2. Mechanical strangulation

1) work clothes must be worn at work. The staff's work clothes should not have parts that may be strangled by the rotating machine. Work clothes and cuffs must be buttoned. Scarves and long clothes, sandals and slippers are forbidden. Female staff are forbidden to wear skirts and high heels, and braids and long hair must be coiled in the work cap

2) it is not allowed to wear gloves when using the drilling machine. The drilling workers and even some materials and additives that are already used in the market must be installed outside the scope of national authorization. Yongxing special steel has taken the first step of strategic deployment in the field of new energy. It can only be carried out after all large workpieces are supported by everyone. When drilling, the drill bit should gently contact the workpiece. When removing the metal chips in the drill hole, the rotation of the drill bit must be stopped first, and it is not allowed to remove the iron chips directly by hand

3) it is forbidden to clean, wipe, lubricate the machine, rotate and move the workpiece during operation or before the machine is completely stopped

4) suspend the use of electrical tools and cut off the power immediately in case of temporary power failure to prevent sudden electricity and rotation

3. Chipping

1) do not use unqualified protective covers, grinders and toothless saws with cracks and other adverse conditions

2) wear protective glasses or install protective glass when using grinding wheel; When grinding the workpiece with a grinding wheel, the spark should be downward, and it is not allowed to grind with the side of the grinding wheel

3) when using toothless saw, the operator should stand on the side of the saw blade, and the saw blade should slowly operate close to the cut object according to the actual utilization

4) when using the sawing machine, the workpiece must be clamped firmly, and the two ends of the long workpiece should be padded firmly to prevent injury when the workpiece is sawed off

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