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SKYWORTH/Skyworth 65v9e 65 inch 4K large screen smart network flat-panel TV evaluation starts with the evaluation

Skyworth new TV recommendation: Skyworth/Skyworth 65v9e 65 inch 4K large screen smart network WiFi flat-panel LCD TV 60

4K ultra clear smart network, the following collection and use of this Skyworth TV friend's evaluation, for friends in need to compare and reference

first, how about Skyworth/Skyworth 65v9e 65 inch 4K large screen smart network flat-panel TV, is it good

try it for a month:

(1) the TV effect is very good, the screen resolution is very high, and the functions are relatively complete; 2G's operation and storage response is fast, and it won't drag the screen. The screen is big enough, just right for my living room

(2) the sense of technology is too strong, the image is super clear, the sound effect is also great, the background content is very rich, very satisfied, the manufacturer's installer Wan Qijin is also very professional, fast, and also helps to debug the TV to its best state, I'm also very patient about how to test the rupture strength tester. I'll explain the function of the TV. I'll try it for three months. Please click to check the detailed evaluation and comments, go to tmall electric city to check more double 11 hot pre-sale recommendations, Skyworth/Skyworth 65v9e 65 Inch 4 hydraulic universal tester. What can't reach the load as the lead screw and nut as the performing parts? K large screen intelligent network flat panel TV configuration parameters:

Product Name: skyworth/Skyworth 65v9 can stretch, break, twists and other experiments on steel wire rope e

brand: skyworth/Skyworth

Skyworth led model: 65v9e

resolution: 3840x2160

3D type: none

energy efficiency grade: none

network connection mode: all supported

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