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Thin plate technology of corrugated flexo printing

the so-called thin plate technology is to use a relatively thin plate to complete printing. As we all know, a is a size composed of mold parts. Now corrugated paper printing mostly adopts 7.00mm or 3.94mm thick plates. However, due to the increase of thickness, under the same printing pressure, the deformation of the 7mm version is larger than that of the 3.94 mm version. Similarly, the deformation of the 2.84 mm version is the smallest, and their printing effects are not the same. Especially for the printing of color corrugated boxes, a 2.84mm plate should be used to reproduce a more perfect image

advantages of thin plate technology plate making

simple operation: weight reduction, easy operation

large exposure tolerance; Tdr112 has large tolerance

rapid plate making: short plate washing and drying time

increase in output: increase in efficiency per unit time

cost reduction

after adopting the thin version technology, the operation is simple, the registration is accurate, the version is easy to unload, and the efficiency is also improved in the version installation stage

after adopting the thin plate technology, the printing weight can be greatly improved:

stable printing quality

smaller points expand

finer lines

easier quality control

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