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Smart speakers and children's robots are the hottest smart hardware in 2018, and the domestic supply chain is clustered

in 2018, the sales of smart speakers in China is expected to reach 12million units. Children's robots are also more interested in overall solutions this year, and experienced explosive growth

on September 20, 2018, the 2018 smart voice Developers Conference of smart voice, hosted by the well-known enterprises smart link and smart link, which focus on the development of IOT chips, and co organized by I love audio, was successfully concluded at Hilton Nanhai Hotel, Shekou, Shenzhen

ten industry heavyweight guests, including zoujianfa, the general manager of centreline, liuzhanzhan, the deputy general manager of centreline, Xu zhengdi, the product manager of centreline, Ye Mao, the product director of centreline, Chen Jiangshan, the product manager of arm China IOT, Wang Chao, the chief evangelist of Baidu Duer business division, Xia Chongyan, the co-founder of roobo, Huang Lihui, the CEO of zero second technology, Luo Hui, the CEO of yunxigu, and Lin Anchao, the deputy general manager of all star innovation and exhibition Thousands of guests from more than 300 upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain, including scheme design manufacturers, OEM and electronic component factories, made speeches and shared

core link: it has four core competitiveness: WiFi, Bluetooth transmission technology, MCU implementation technology, industrial quality assurance, and voice solutions

General Manager of core link zoujianfa

core link was established in 2015, with R & D bases in Xi'an, Zhuhai and other places. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, and sales of things link chips. Its main products include wireless MCU, wireless audio and intelligent voice chips, which are widely used in tablet computers, Ott, UAVs, smart homes and many other products

since the establishment of the R & D team in 2012, chip alliance has launched WiFi connection chip xr819, low-power wireless MCU xr871, wifi+bt two in one chip xr829, IOT chip xr809 and high-performance MCU xr32f4. Among them, the cumulative shipment of WiFi chips has exceeded 50 million

Zou Jianfa said that at present, there are four core competitiveness of centreline: the first is high-performance and low-power WiFi and Bluetooth transmission technology, the second is ultra-low power MCU implementation technology, the third is industrial quality assurance, and the fourth is a complete voice solution

through the market layout in recent years, the market of core link has covered many fields, such as TV boxes, intelligent speakers, children's robots, intelligent household appliances, intelligent door locks and so on

smart chip: it has become a well-known power supply PMIC chip supplier at home and abroad

smart chip has become a well-known power supply PMIC chip supplier at home and abroad, and released the high-performance microphone array ADC chip ac108 in 2017, officially entering the field of intelligent voice

Liu Zhanzhan, deputy general manager of smart chip

smart chip has launched multi generation power PMIC products since its establishment in 2009, and has become an important partner of Intel platform since 2014. Xinzhihui's product line mainly includes power line and signal chain line. The power line includes low-voltage and high-voltage platforms, and the signal chain line includes audio and BMS. At present, the market includes consumer electronics, smart home and automobile. At present, the main products of smart chip include PMIC, battery management chip, high current DCDC chip, audio ADC and codec chip

smart core: in 2018, the sales of smart speakers in China is expected to reach 12million

smart core products are widely used by major manufacturers in the field of smart speakers, including popular products such as Xiaomi Xiaoai mini, Tencent listen, baidu Xiaodu at home, JD dingdong mini2, etc

Xu zhengdi, product manager of smart core

Xu zhengdi, product manager of smart core, made a comparison on the market scale of smart speakers at home and abroad, and it is expected that the sales volume of smart speakers in China is expected to reach 12million units in 2018. In response to the design challenge of the far-field microphone array, smart chip has customized a high-performance ADC ac108, which is mainly used in smart speakers, smart TVs, Ott boxes, conference systems, etc. For the design difficulties of intelligent power supply, smart chip provides axp1510, axp2402 and other products, and focuses on the power architecture design scheme of bmu+pmu, which solves the problems of many power supply schemes, low power consumption, refined battery management, high stability and reliability requirements

smart voice solution of MCU

Mr. Ye Mao, product director of smart voice solution of MCU, introduced the smart voice solution based on MCU from four aspects, including local voice control module, children's intelligent companion robot, single microphone interrupt wake-up solution, and low power consumption dual microphone interrupt wake-up solution

Ye Mao, product director of

core link

the intelligent voice module launched by core link can realize the direct wake-up of local command words, 15 meter long-distance pickup, extremely fast response to commands, and has rich interfaces to control peripherals. At the same time, the module is only 20x20mm in size, and the price is less than 25 yuan. It is very competitive compared with expensive solutions on the market

in the introduction of children's robots, Mr. Ye Mao talked about the characteristics of xr871 one by one, such as investigating the bearing capacity of the chair surface and back. Xr871 is a very cost-effective wireless MCU. Because of its high cost performance, stable scheme and the support of a variety of voice background, xr871 has won great recognition in the market and has a high market share. At the same time, Mr. Ye Mao called on everyone to think more about products and make differentiated, rich content products that are really beneficial to our next generation of children

Mr. Ye Mao also introduced two interrupt wake-up schemes, one microphone and two microphones, which respectively reflect the characteristics of high cost performance and low power consumption. The single microphone scheme can use ordinary analog microphones to realize interrupt wake-up at a distance of 5 meters. In the dual microphone scheme, the use of xr871gt chip can keep the WiFi connected, and the power consumption in the standby scene is less than 330ua. Thanks to the contribution of low-power microphone and DSP, the power consumption performance of pickup detection is only 50ua. At the same time, the power consumption of the system is also very low, making it possible for speakers to get rid of the power supply, move everywhere and have ultra long endurance

anmou Technology: the security of IOT equipment is becoming more and more important.

anmou Technology (China) Co., Ltd., as the headquarters of arm company in China's IP business, carries out integrated circuit intellectual property authorization and technical services to Chinese partners. Nowadays, intelligent voice devices are increasingly dependent on the integration of sensors, networks, algorithms and other technologies, so it is becoming more and more important to ensure the security of physical devices

Chen Jiangshan, product manager of arm China IOT

Mr. Chen Jiangshan, product manager of arm China IOT, said that intelligent voice devices are increasingly integrating and using technologies such as sensors, networks and algorithm data processing, which are more and more closely integrated with our lives

the safety of IOT equipment is also becoming more and more important. Equipment manufacturers should not only protect the physical security of their equipment, but also reduce the risk that intangible data assets are abused by unauthorized third parties. Therefore, a comprehensive and complete security scheme is needed to comprehensively protect the software and hardware of the equipment

arm has launched an integrated security scheme from cloud, management and client. This scheme can carry out security verification from the client through biometrics, real-time monitoring and other means. At the same time, the management end can also confirm the security of the client through security consistency authentication, and the matching cloud service can remotely diagnose the security of the client, so as to ensure the information security of users

dueros: it can make devices have the ability to communicate with humans.

dueros, as an open operating system, releases an open platform, builds a voice AI ecosystem, and supports the ability access of third-party developers. Mr. Wang Chao said that dueros enables the device to have the ability to communicate with human beings. The device equipped with dueros allows users to interact in natural language and realize more than 250 functions in 10 categories, such as device control, emotional communication, information query, link service, schedule management, etc

Wang Chao, chief evangelist of Baidu secretarial division

at the same time, with the help of cloud brain, dueros can continue to learn and evolve, become more and more smart, and can empower partners in different industries. It is widely applicable to speakers, TVs, refrigerators, robots, cars, wearable and other scenes and devices

Baidu Duer business department also created a new voice intelligent layered solution turnkey solution for b-end manufacturers to meet the needs of different types of manufacturers at different levels and help manufacturers complete intelligent transformation. In terms of supporting devices, dueros has been connected to TV, smart, smart children's devices, smart speakers and other products

with the concept of open and win-win cooperation ecosystem, dueros will connect more partners in the future, combine technology, scenarios and equipment, and create more possibilities. In the future, Baidu Duer business department will continue to conduct in-depth exploration in the field of voice intelligence, so as to reduce the transformation cost of artificial intelligence and improve the efficiency of enterprises

roobo: it has served nearly a thousand brands in total

Beijing intelligent housekeeper Technology Co., Ltd. (roobo) was founded in 2014 and is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions. Its two AI platforms, tongmi and tongmi, integrate complete technology, advanced AI engine and multi platform hardware solutions. At present, they have been widely used in four fields: smart home, smart car, smart speaker and educational robot. Up to now, the roobo platform has served nearly 1000 brands and accelerated the implementation of industry-leading products

roobo co-founder xiachongyan

zero second technology: focus on AI technology service provider

zero second technology is a focus on AI technology service provider. The core team of the company has all returned from Silicon Valley, respectively from Oracle, Uber, SAP Apple China NLP team, Sony, Huawei USA research center, etc., and has gathered talents from USC, UC Berkley, CMU, UCLA, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Harbin Institute of technology and other universities

Ms. Huang Lihui, CEO of zero second technology

zero second technology is committed to natural language understanding technology. It has a complete product system and data analysis system in NLP, user preference modeling, and semantic cloud platform construction. Its flat echocloud has the fastest end-to-end response speed in the industry. Semantic understanding has a number of core technologies and independent intellectual property rights in cross domain recognition, topic recognition, multi round interaction, and context memory. Dialogue based interaction technology based on zero second brain has been applied in many fields such as China Mobile 12580, Super 8 group, Xiaomi smart home system and so on

since its establishment, the company has quickly won the golden seed of Haidian District, and won many titles such as Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise and national high-tech enterprise. A few days ago, zero second technology has been reported in the pan children's education report that it has perfect industrial chain partners, as well as many well-known robot brand customers, IP partners, large early childhood education institutions, etc

yunxigu: it is committed to bringing children's robots to thousands of households.

Shenzhen yunxigu Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. Yunxigu is a mobile Internet company based on intelligent products, with device side, cloud service side and client side teams at the same time. Yunxigu has professors and consultants from the Hong Kong University of science and technology, a number of partners from various chip listed companies, and a large group of dynamic engineers

Luo Hui, CEO of yunxigu technology

speech recognition and search technology based on Duer AI,

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