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More than 50000 are equipped with iron wheels, mechanical keys and two horns, and the fuel consumption is only 5L. Who remembers Nissan car?

in the domestic automobile market, in addition to German Volkswagen, the Japanese top three are the most concerned. Toyota, Honda and Nissan all have their own housekeeping skills. Toyota focuses on balanced quality. Honda pays attention to power black technology, while Nissan's household comfort is also favored by consumers. When it comes to Nissan, the first thing you think of naturally is the popular models such as Xuanyi, Tianlai, Xiaoke and Qijun. Loulan and Xima, which are less popular, will also be mentioned occasionally, but few people remember that Nissan also has a small car, this Nissan Macchi

at present, the prices of many entry-level A-class cars such as Jetta, Santana, kowoz and Xuanyi classic have dropped to 50000 or 60000 yuan, and domestic cars such as arize 5, Roewe i5 and Geely Binrui with good appearance and configuration are more and more important. Therefore, small cars have been increasingly marginalized. Only Volkswagen polo, Honda Fit and Toyota Zhixuan, which have their own strength, can survive in the cracks, It's reasonable that the featureless March is forgotten, so is this car still worth buying now

the guiding price of March is 5 750000, like the fit and polo, is positioned as a small car. Its length, width and height are 3779/1666/1526mm, and the wheelbase is 2450mm. The whole body is very small, and the appearance is cute. Its main colors are crystal powder and xuanya red. It looks very cute with a round shape. From its design style, we can see that this car is more suitable for girls to drive

the reason why BMW Mini and Mercedes Benz smart are popular with girls is that in addition to their small size, the interior design also accounts for a large part. Like mini, Nissan March also uses a lot of circular elements in the interior, but the layout and refinement are much worse. After all, the price is here. And the central control part looks very strange, a bit like aliens

since the starting price is only more than 50000, and the model on sale is still 2015, it has not been changed for three years, so the configuration can really be described as poor. The low configuration model is still iron wheel hub, mechanical key, two horns, and the rear window is still hand-operated, and there is no vanity mirror. Fortunately, it is equipped with a perfect marketing system and high-quality marketing personnel. The airbag and ABS of the main and passenger cars can be said to be a complete means of transportation

As of July 2017

although the car is small, the space performance of March can still exceed expectations, especially the head space in the car. Of course, its wheelbase is only 2450mm, no matter how big it is. When the trunk is empty and pressure maintaining, there are almost no parts, and the movement room is very small, but the rear seats all support the overall laying down, so it is still competent to pull some luggage out

in terms of power, one model is equipped with a 1.2L naturally aspirated 3-cylinder engine with a maximum horsepower of 73 horsepower, and the rest are equipped with a 1.5L engine with a maximum horsepower of 107 horsepower. This engine also has a unique technology of continuous variable timing valve control system (CVTC). Of course, it is not black technology now. The transmission is matched with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. Although the book ensures that the experimental machine can realize the closed-loop control of parameters such as experimental force, sample deformation and beam displacement, the data is not good, but because the body is very light, it actually feels like a big horse pulling a small car, and it is very fuel-efficient, with an average fuel consumption of only about 5L per hundred kilometers

finally, back to the point, is this car still worth buying? In fact, I personally don't recommend it, because the configuration of low configuration models is too low, while the price of high configuration models goes to 70000 or 70000, so there are many options. Unless you especially like its shape and want to be unique, it is still a good big toy

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