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Full of confidence in the Chinese market

full of confidence in the Chinese market

November 26, 2018

interview with Han Sida, member of the board of directors of Norion and head of China

recently, AkzoNobel (an) officially announced that it would sell its professional chemicals business to Carlyle capital. "Another foreign-funded group (Carlyle) and GIC, transformed into Norion and became a new independent company. Recently, Han Sida, executive member of Norion's global ethylene, sulfur and derivatives division and head of China, was interviewed by the media on the establishment, operation, mission and development strategy of the new company

aims to promote sustainable development

Han Sida introduced that an split the company into two parts (decorative paint and coating business, professional chemicals business) in order to further integrate the company's resources and promote the sustainable development of Chinese coatings. In the past few decades, an has experienced many business integrations. The reason why Carlyle chose to sell its professional chemicals business to Carlyle and GIC this time is that Carlyle has global financial resources, which can effectively stimulate the full potential of Norion as an independent operating company. In addition, Carlyle has extensive experience in the chemical industry. Charles W. shaver, the new CEO, has been working in the chemical industry before, and also worked in aiside paint system

he admitted that Carlyle had acquired more than 20 chemical businesses of an20 and put forward a five-year development plan on this basis. Carlyle is full of confidence in this five-year plan and the central beam platform, workbench and other areas of nori's electronic universal experimental machine, which need to pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof leadership team. At present, except for the new CEO shaver, other management levels remain unchanged for the time being, and promise to pay attention to and cultivate high-quality localization professionals as always

focus on professional chemicals business

Han Sida said that after Norion registered and established an independent company, it will soon implement the five-year development plan for professional chemicals business, which will be an important milestone in the development history of the company. The new company will focus more on professional chemicals. With the support of Carlyle investment, Norion is expected to achieve a win-win situation with customers and promote the sustainable development of the company by focusing more on customer needs and the improvement of its own operating capacity

at present, all Norion factories in China have realized localized operation. In addition to continuously absorbing the most advanced process technology and production experience from factories in Europe, the United States and other places, we also continue to feed back the process technology and experience innovated locally in China to the European and American markets. He believes that China has excellent technical talents and management personnel, who not only play a role in China, but also benefit the global operation of the company

innovation meets customer needs

Han Sida said, "work together to create a sustainable future for chemical necessities" is the company's new mission. The company will work with external partners to create the future of chemical necessities in its own professional and safe way in the field it is good at, constantly provide high-quality innovative products and services to meet the needs of customers, and build nolion into a dedicated chemical company to achieve the sustainable development of the company

the future strategic focus of the company is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, continuous innovation, that is, to meet the current and future needs of customers through continuous development of new products and processes; Second, we will continue to conduct self-assessment, and make further investment plans according to market demand on the premise of opening up existing production capacity to meet current customer needs. Jinan experimental machine factory knows the use standard of electronic universal experimental machine, which means further investment plan. In addition to establishing a new factory, it also includes investment in technology research and development, customer insight and talent. Not long ago, the company announced that it would invest 90million euros to build a new Peroxide Plant in Tianjin

he finally stressed: "China is a very important market for us. In the past few decades, China has become an important driving force and support point for the company's global business growth, which will remain the same in the future, and will even become more important. We adhere to the strategy of continuous investment in China and are confident in the market and future of China's specialty chemicals!"

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