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From January 1 next year, all Chinese goods entering Australia will be duty-free

"from January 1, 2019, that is, eight weeks later, all Chinese goods entering Australia will be exempted from tariffs."

according to the China Australia Free Trade Agreement, China and Australia have made four tariff concessions since 2015. Tariffs on goods imported from Australia have been gradually reduced, and a considerable number of goods will achieve zero tariffs within five years. Next year, China and Australia will conduct the fifth round of concessions

Simon Birmingham, the Minister of trade, tourism and investment of Australia, who came to Shanghai to participate in the Expo, said: "from January 1, 2019, that is, eight weeks later, all Chinese goods entering Australia will be exempted from tariffs. Of course, this is very important for many people here. China will also cancel tariffs on a series of Australian products displayed in ciie, including wine, infant formula and honey."

Australia is the developed economy that most relies on China in the world. At present, China is Australia's largest trading partner and the largest export destination with solid tasks, and Australia is China's sixth largest export destination. In 2017, the bilateral trade volume between China and Australia was 136.26 billion US dollars, an increase of 25.9% year-on-year. At the same time, Australia is also an ally of the United States, which is Australia's largest investor

the prospect of the deepening Sino US trade war is likely to have a far-reaching impact on the Australian economy. Former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr once warned that if the trump administration starts a trade war with China, Australia will suffer a disastrous impact and may plunge the Australian economy into recession

Shiro Armstrong, an Asian economist at the Australian National University (ANU), said that in addition to targeting China, trump also threatened to impose tariffs on Japanese cars exported to the United States, which would lead to Australia's top three export target countries being involved in dangerous international economic conflicts. He warned that the scope of the global trade war is spreading, and in this war, all countries choose tit for tat, otherwise the software will not successfully operate the word template. Even if Australia is not the target of tariffs, it will inevitably suffer huge losses

KPMG also warned that if the trade war broke out in an all-round way, in the short term, the Australian economy may lose 36billion Australian dollars by 2022, and thousands of people may lose their jobs; In the long run, Australia may lose 500billion Australian dollars and 60000 jobs in the next 10 years

as a firm ally of the United States, since 2017, the economic and trade relations between China and Australia have been affected to a certain extent due to the unfriendly voices of Australian leaders from all walks of life against China. But now, although it still has a certain degree of military cooperation with the United States, it can be said that the trend towards China is a big turn, and the new Australian leader has sent friendly signals to China many times. In his first foreign policy speech since taking office on November 1, he mentioned China 10 times in a row, expressed his urgent desire to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Australia, and said that what he most wanted to say to China was "I hope China Australia trade will resume"

on November 7, Chinese and Australian enterprises signed 11 agreements with a total value of nearly 15 billion Australian dollars (about 75.8 billion yuan) spanning five years. China has sent a gift, a super list covering a wide range of fields, with long holes evenly arranged around the inner circle, including tourism, resources, infrastructure, e-commerce and logistics services. Not only that, the many exhibits exhibited in Australia at this fair have also won great favor in China: next year, all tariffs will be abolished

Australia sent more than 200 enterprises to participate in the Expo, ranking third in the number of products and sixth in the number of exhibitors, mainly in the fields of food and agricultural products

take advantage of this east wind and quickly develop some Australian guests

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