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"More lubrication and less friction"

in 2003, "unified" lubricant ranked first among China's top ten marketing cases with a turnover of 1.2 billion. In addition to the successful marketing plan of "more lubrication and less friction" of "uni president" with the help of the Iraq war, the rapid expansion of the lubricant market capacity of China's automotive industry is a crucial factor. An important part of the daily maintenance of motorcycle is to maintain the good lubrication of all running in parts, which is also a necessary work to maintain a motorcycle in good running condition. This issue of "technology world" has specially sorted out the basic knowledge about motorcycle lubrication, hoping to be helpful to insiders and motorcycle enthusiasts

basic knowledge of motorcycle lubrication

1. What should I lubricate the control lever

modern motorcycles greatly improve the durability. As long as they are used properly, the digital curve display of zero detection results will not be easily damaged

there are many invisible sliding parts on the motorcycle that need to be lubricated, such as the friction movable joints such as the pedal starting pedal, accelerator cable, clutch handle, brake handle and chain

the engine is the heart of the motorcycle, and it is the key assembly to ensure normal operation. However, the above-mentioned parts are the parts that manipulate and control the action of the motorcycle itself, which can not be ignored. When tightening the screws and nuts, don't forget to fill the sliding parts with oil. This is the basic content of mechanical maintenance

motorcycle lubricating oil is divided into engine oil, gear oil, butter, etc. On the sliding part of the control lever (such as throttle handle, clutch handle, etc.), oil and gear oil can be used without oil failure. Therefore, when changing the engine oil, lubricate these sliding parts by the way, avoiding the trouble of separate lubrication

when lubricating the control lever with engine oil, be careful not to drop on the brake hub. Because once oil is stained around the brake hub, the braking efficiency of the vehicle will be significantly reduced

it should also be noted that butter is easy to decompose and deteriorate. Therefore, when choosing butter, we must understand its characteristics and choose butter suitable for motorcycles

2. What lubrication points does the motorcycle have

(1) when the clutch handle feels heavy, drop a small amount of oil on the mounting part of the handle. When dripping oil, keep holding and releasing the handle so that the oil can penetrate into the joint. At the same time, oil the clutch wire rope. The clutch wire rope of the car has been soaked in oil, so there is generally no problem; But for old cars, the handle will be sluggish due to the lack of oil in the steel wire rope, and the clutch operation will be heavy. Therefore, oil and lubricate in time

(2) fill oil around the installation position of the handbrake handle and accelerator wire rope

(3) put up the ladder, put the transmission in neutral, and apply a small amount of grease on the chain

during driving, the grease on the chain is easy to be dirty, so the chain is often short of oil. Before applying butter, wipe it with a small amount of gasoline to remove dust and dirt

(4) when you feel that the operation of the handbrake handle is heavy, you must drop some oil around the joint of the steel wire rope. After dripping oil, you will immediately feel light. Of course, the braking operation is heavy, and the braking effect is not necessarily poor. After lubrication, the operation is easy and the braking is flexible, which is even better

if the brake handle is still heavy and the braking efficiency is poor after oiling, there is no other way but to overhaul and adjust the brake handle clearance

when lubricating the brake handle, pay attention not to use too much oil

(5) fill some oil on the foot brake pedal shaft

(6) if the foot brake pedal does not return well, there must be sediment adhering to the axle journal. These sediment should be removed and some engine oil should be injected at the pedal shaft where the touch screen operation and display the test results

(7) after filling a small amount of engine oil around the pedal arm and the adjusting screw, the action must be light. At this time, if the brake clearance is adjusted, it must be smooth

(8) fill oil at the shift pedal and pull rod. In addition, the threads should also be coated with some grease before tightening to prevent corrosion

(9) fill the sliding part of the auxiliary frame or ladder with oil

in addition to the above, there are many sliding parts. All parts with mechanical movement have friction and sliding. For example, there are sliding friction points everywhere from the pedal to the adjustment of clearance components, and oil lubrication should be injected everywhere

all parts that need lubrication will have dust and dirt. Wipe the dust and dirt before lubricating. In order to prevent dirt in the new car, all parts with lubricating oil are sealed with paper

exposed chains are more likely to be polluted by dust. As soon as the chain is short of oil, it will "click, click", so it is very important to oil the chain in time. Lubricating the chain should use special grease for the chain. If there is no special grease on hand, it can also be lubricated with engine oil

lubricating oil tips

I. ash

is the residue (non combustible) left after the lubricating oil is completely burned under the specified conditions, which is expressed in mass fraction

the ash content of lubricating oil is mainly composed of metal oxides generated after the complete combustion of lubricating oil, and the ash content of lubricating oil containing additives is higher

the existence of ash in lubricating oil increases the carbon deposition of lubricating oil in use. When the ash content is too high, it will cause the wear of mechanical parts

II. Moisture

moisture refers to the amount of water in oil products, which is expressed by mass fraction. The oil should be free of moisture

if there is water in the lubricating oil, it will destroy the lubricating oil film, make the lubricating effect worse, and accelerate the corrosion of organic acids in the oil to metals. Moisture also causes corrosion of mechanical equipment, and leads to the failure of lubricating oil additives, which makes the low-temperature fluidity of lubricating oil worse, and even freezes, blocking the oil circuit, and hindering the circulation and oil supply of lubricating oil. When water exists, the possibility of lubricating oil emulsification increases. When the temperature is high to a certain extent, water will vaporize and form bubbles, which will not only destroy the oil film and endanger lubrication, but also affect the circulation and oil supply of lubricating oil due to air resistance

there are several simple methods to check whether there is water in the lubricating oil:

1 Take a certain amount of lubricating oil with a test tube. If the oil becomes turbid, or even emulsified, from transparent to opaque, it can be considered that there is water in the lubricating oil. Heat the test tube. If there is air mist or bubbles, drops of water or a "crackling" sound on the tube wall, it also indicates that there is water in the lubricating oil

2. Take a thin copper wire, wind it into a coil, burn it red on the fire, and then put it into the test tube containing the test oil. If there is a "crack" sound, it also means that there is water in the lubricating oil

3. Take a certain amount of lubricating oil with a test tube, and put a small amount of copper sulfate (anhydrous) into the test oil. If the copper sulfate changes from white to blue, it also indicates that there is water in the lubricating oil

III. common sense of selecting lubricating oil

engine oil plays not only a cooling role, but also lubrication, decontamination, rust prevention and other roles in the operation of motorcycle engine

in order to make the engine oil reach all lubricating parts better and more smoothly, the engine oil must first choose the appropriate viscosity to ensure that the engine oil has good fluidity within a certain temperature range. For example, the applicable viscosity of Qingqi Suzuki engine oil is sae10w-40, which can better implement the cooling and lubrication functions of the engine between -20-40 degrees Celsius (or higher temperature). If the oil viscosity increases, the starting resistance will increase, causing serious loss of engine power; If the oil is too thin, it is easy to make the friction plate slip, and the oil is not easy to form an oil film on the surface of rotating objects, which can not reduce wear (5W-30 oil can be replaced only in northern winter when the temperature is lower than -20 ℃)

in addition, the engine oil also needs to have the functions of decontamination, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, anti foaming, rust prevention, etc. These require extra additives to achieve. According to the characteristics, the engine oil is divided into SD, Se, SF, SG and other grades according to API classification. The higher the level, the better the oil performance (Qingqi Suzuki engine adopts SG level, which is the highest level used by motorcycles in China). If the engine is degraded for use, it will have adverse phenomena or premature wear of the engine. Therefore, when changing the engine oil, try to choose the engine specific engine oil or the engine oil of the same grade, or choose according to the above principles. Is the implementation of the new EU regulations on plastic materials and products imminent? China needs to actively respond to high-quality engine oil and beware of counterfeiting low-quality engine oil, otherwise your engine will cause you trouble

IV. use of lubricating oil ABC

it has been mentioned above that we should be careful in the selection of lubricating oil. Specifically, there are many problems that should be paid attention to when using lubricating oil

the quality grade of lubricating oil is mainly based on the standards formulated by the American Society of Engineers (SAE). Taking the four stroke engine commonly used in China as an example, the lubricating oil of four stroke gasoline engine is divided into SA, Sb, SC, Se, SF, SG, SH, etc., of which the first three grades have been eliminated from use. The later the model is, the higher the grade is. Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend using lubricating oil above SF grade, and the higher grade can replace the lower grade lubricating oil, Diesel engine lubricating oil can replace gasoline engine lubricating oil, otherwise it can't. some lubricating oils with similar mythical properties on the market, such as 20000 km replacement, nanotechnology and super repair, can't be trusted

as for the viscosity requirements, it is mainly based on the geographical environment temperature changes and the degree of engine wear in the area of use. Generally, it is not thick in winter and not thin in summer. Combined with the climatic characteristics of the Central Plains region, 15w/40 can basically meet the year-round use of most models. Engines with serious wear should use lubricants with relatively high viscosity

it should be noted that the difference between normal replacement and disassembly replacement is about 0.2-0.3 liters. Due to the different lubricant additives of different brands and grades, repeated use of different brands and models of lubricants is easy to form adverse chemical reactions. Users should be careful about this. It is best to use specific brands and models of lubricants for a long time. In actual use, some users noticed that the position of their motorcycle oil dipstick was low, and added lubricating oil of different brands from the original car on their own. After driving less than 10 kilometers, the engine cylinder and camshaft were blued and scrapped. Due to chemical reaction, the oil released from the gearbox was rubbed by hand, and the slender oil wire could be pulled out. Some users' new cars ran less than 3000 kilometers, and the camshaft was abnormally worn in the early stage. After inspection, the reason was that the fake imported lubricating oil was used

sometimes, improper use of imported lubricating oil will also cause some trouble. In practice, there have been problems such as incomplete clutch separation caused by Mobil 1130 se lubricant with viscosity of 30W, single season oil and motorcycle use

to judge the standard of engine lubricating oil consumption, we can refer to the national regulations of 7g/kWh. For example, the capacity between the on-line and off-line dipstick of 125 motorcycle variable speed camera is about 270 grams, and the engine power is 7.4 kW. Based on this, combined with the driving mileage, we can calculate whether the amount of lubricating oil consumed exceeds the standard

rational use of motorcycle engine lubricating oil

regular replacement of engine lubricating oil

lubricating oil will deteriorate after long-term use, producing acids that can corrode metal parts. Metal chips and dust entering with the air,

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