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The overall solution of Nanfang road machine from aggregate to concrete is applied to zoupingshun new

the overall solution of Nanfang road machine from aggregate to concrete is applied to zoupingshun new

China Construction machinery information

application field: comprehensive

equipment model: ls3+hzs240+fbt4500+v+ nwcb600

production time: 2016

equipment area: Zouping, Shandong

equipment highlights: green factory, intelligent mixing, Shandong zoupingshun Xinshang concrete company, founded in 2005, is mainly engaged in the production, transportation and sales of ready mixed commercial concrete and pavement stabilized soil. Up to now, zoupingshun new has more than 360 employees and more than 200 professional and technical personnel of all kinds. Among them, there are 15 constructors and 60 middle and senior technical engineers, with strong technical strength

it is understood that zoupingshunxin has been awarded "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for many times in a row, rated as "A-level credit enterprise" by the bank, and awarded "excellent enterprise" by provincial and municipal concrete associations. In addition, Zou Pingshun has passed the ISO international quality system certification after years of construction, and has been commended by the county government and construction departments for consecutive years

zoupingshun new plant is large-scale and well-equipped, with a total of 5 automatic ready mixed concrete production lines, 13 earthwork trucks, 5 excavators, 10 loaders and several supporting machinery for road and bridge construction

in zoupingshun new plant area, many equipment are purchased from Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.: in May 2016, Nanfang road machinery S3 series shaping and sand making equipment was purchased for the first time; In 2017, we purchased commercial mixing and dry mixing mortar equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. and purchased V7 fine machine-made sand equipment and stabilized soil plant mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. again in early 2019. With a large number of purchased equipment and a wide range of applications, it can be called "South Road Machinery Equipment centralized demonstration plant"

continuous production, efficient and stable, excellent quality is commendable

entering zoupingshun's new factory, what you see is Nanfang road machinery S3 shaping and sand making equipment and V7 high-quality machine-made sand equipment, next to hzs240 commercial mixing plant. In the fourth quarter of 2013, the U.S. auxiliary machine order market value of the equipment was $101million, followed by the stockyard, where raw materials of different specifications were stacked on the side of the silo, There is also a stable soil production equipment of Nanfang road machinery

in the plant area, the S3 shaping and sand making equipment of Nanfang road machinery operates stably. In the production process, the amount of stone powder is controllable, low noise, small vibration, and will not produce secondary pollution. After shaping and processing by dry sand making equipment, the stone particle shape is round, uniform and full, the stone powder content is less than 5.0%, the machine-made sand particle shape is round, the grading is continuous, uniform, stable, and the fluidity is good

according to Liu Liguo, the new webmaster of zoupingshun, zoupingshun has used many brands of equipment since its establishment, of which Nanfang road machinery left him the most impressive. "First of all, we produce a large amount of commercial concrete, which is a test for the equipment. But the equipment of Nanfang road machinery has always remained stable in the long-term use process, and the maintenance is relatively easy."

during the conversation, stationmaster Liu took us to the central control room of Nanfang road machinery equipment and showed us the equipment dual computer synchronous control system. It can be clearly seen that the equipment has operated for 15300 hours since it was purchased for 2 and a half years, and has maintained long-term stable operation. In this regard, stationmaster Liu said, "if there is an annual full attendance award, this equipment is undoubtedly the first on the shortlist!"

as the production control program tends to be complex and the demand is gradually diverse, the intellectualization and humanization of the production system electronic control system is the general trend. Thanks to the unique intelligent electric control technology of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., through the equipment connection, the production personnel can easily realize the allocation, processing, monitoring, etc. of daily production, and realize the management and control of production. It saves labor costs, energy consumption costs, and a lot of expenses in maintenance and management

seize the opportunity of rapid development and build a whole industry chain of the industry

zoupingshun has focused on the field of commercial concrete in the new years and led the local market for a long time, and has a precise judgment on the development of the market

stationmaster Liu said, "after carefully weighing his own business model, zoupingshun has expanded his business scope horizontally to the field of dry mixed mortar, stone shaping and sand making in combination with the opportunities of industrial upgrading, transformation and development and market strategy adjustment, and has achieved rapid development."

by selecting the overall scheme of Nanfang road machine shaping sand + fine machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar + concrete + stabilized soil, zoupingshunxin has formed an integrated plan from aggregate to dry mixed mortar and finished concrete. At the same time, the industrial pattern with fine sand and stone, dry mixed mortar, commercial concrete and stabilized soil as the core has constructed the whole industrial chain

as the core of the industrial layout, the V7 fine sand making equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. plays a key role: during the production process, the automatic adjustment and operation of the equipment makes the quality of finished sand always stable. The multi-mode design control system ensures the independent storage of data and can switch production under a variety of materials and working conditions

the host machine based on the vertical shaft impact crusher retains the unique throwing hammer design and the high-density grinding area composed of t-ring lining, which promotes 0 The production of 6mm fine aggregate ensures the stability of finished product grading, improves the crushing efficiency and particle shape improvement effect, and provides an important boost for circular production

dust collector is an important link in the technical level of inspection equipment. Dust pollution is an inevitable problem in the production process. Therefore, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has set practical and reliable dust removal equipment on the top of each powder silo and mixer to make its emission concentration meet the national emission standards. At the same time, the finished product warehouse is equipped with an anti segregation device; Bulk unit with independent dust removal; The finished product discharge is provided with a sampling port, which is convenient for sampling; The finished product warehouse is equipped with pneumatic supply breaking device

the environmental protection commercial mixing station of Nanfang road machinery in Shunxin plant area is equipped with a new type of admixture scale cleaning device, which allows users to automatically clean the admixture scale. At the same time, it has functions such as overload protection, combined with high-quality powder measurement sensor and reasonable scale body design, which can realize air pressure balance and ensure the accuracy of measurement. In terms of the mixing machine, the continuous stirring of spiral blades effectively improves the mixing efficiency and makes the finished product have better homogenization performance

as the core component, the mixing machine adopts the advanced and mature plough mixer in Europe, which has an efficient mixing area, high efficiency and high mixing uniformity. Unique large door opening mechanism, unloading wing of France adopts unique shell material, no residue, no dead corner, no leakage, short time, simple replacement formula; The main cylinder and mixing blade are made of wear-resistant materials, which greatly increases the service life and maintenance cycle; The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, which has more frequency conversion formulas, more energy saving and low comprehensive cost

in terms of safety performance, all drives and actuators on the mixer act in the protective cover, and the safety electronic lock effectively ensures personal safety during operation and maintenance. The bearing with seat and the pin shaft bushing adopt the high-pressure oil pipe of the electric pump for centralized oil injection, and the motor transmission adopts the plum blossom elastic coupling, which can withstand the impact variable load. The reliable micro grease rubber sealing technology makes the replacement of the seal convenient and simple

when talking about the company's future development plan, stationmaster Liu said: "more and more enterprises realize that only by continuously enhancing their competitiveness in the industrial chain can they continue to move forward steadily. In the future, we still have a very broad space for cooperation with Nanfang road machinery."

Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has provided zoupingshun with new solutions for dry mixing, commercial mixing, shaping and sand making, and stabilized soil mixing. Zoupingshun has initially formed an industrial pattern with fine aggregate, dry mixing mortar, and commercial paper author 1, and Amir Ameri, an assistant professor at the school of mechanical and materials engineering at Washington State University, said that concrete and stabilized soil are the core. In the future, zoupingshunxin will continue to tap deep-seated industrial development space, promote the continuous upgrading of industrial structure, and win a larger market share

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