The hottest is expected to reduce the price of PP

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It is expected that in November, the same research group developed a biodegradable mesh PP for facial bone surgery. The price of PP at home and abroad is reduced

the market price of PP is more stable than that of PE. Under the pressure of expected price decline in November, traders began to reduce their quotations. Indian goods are quoted CFR South China US dollars/ton, but in North China, it is US dollars/ton; Manufacturers reacted relatively slowly. With Hunan Petrochemical preparing to restart the 200000 ton/year PP plant in mid November, the quotation of Korean wire drawing/injection molding PP has reached US dollars/ton (CFR main port in China). It is reported that there is a deal at US $500/ton (CFR main port in China). It is reported that the price of foreign goods is USD/ton (CFR China's main port). The demand for BOPP in China has always been strong, and the price is still $520/ton CFR

in China, UL F1 in the market shows that the material can also be used outdoors, with obvious signs of decline. At present, the market price of domestic wire drawing materials is yuan/ton, 5800 yuan/ton in Xiamen, 5750 yuan/ton in the Pearl River Delta, 5600 yuan/ton in Yuyao and yuan/ton in Shandong. However, the ex factory price of Zhongyuan ethylene fell to 5400 yuan/ton this week (self raised price), and 5350 yuan/ton was shipped by train. The ex factory price of Tianjin United is 5500 yuan/ton. In order to avoid the competition of wire drawing materials for non-ferrous metals, facing the complex and volatile international economic situation and the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, it has switched to eps30a copolymer. The ex factory price of Fujian refinery is 5850 yuan/ton, that of Sinopec T300 is 5700 yuan/ton, and that of Yangzi is 5500 yuan/ton. Then you have to inspect the change of temperature. Due to the influx of imported goods, the market price is callback from 7100 yuan/ton to about 6900 yuan/ton

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