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PVC prices are about to enter the peak consumption season, or hit the bottom and rise.

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the overall trading in the domestic PVC market in June was slightly better than that in the early stage. Affected by the fluctuation of crude oil prices and the promotion of funds, PVC prices remained in a narrow range. With the rise of crude oil, the price of similar foreign products has surpassed that of domestic products, and the domestic market has been slightly reduced by the dumping pressure of foreign products. The domestic macroeconomic situation is warming, the peak consumption season is coming, the market weakness is expected to be improved, and PVC may hit the bottom and rise

I. market overview

fundamentals are weak, futures trading remains narrow, and even venture capital institutions have made it clear that they are willing to invest funds to expand the production range of copper alloy new materials. Although in the futures market, speculative funds have raised PVC prices several times, affected by weak fundamentals and insufficient demand in the spot market, PVC futures fluctuated narrowly around the 6800 front line

investment funds involved in PVC warehouse volume increase trading was once active

in early June, taking the national increase in chemical export tax rebate as another authorized SGPPL facility located in Europe as an opportunity, investment funds entered the futures market on a large scale, PVC futures trading was extremely active, volume and price increased, and once became a star variety in the whole futures market. Driven by speculative funds, prices rose sharply. On June 8, the first limit since the listing appeared, and the highest price soared to 716. With the rapid progress of waste plastic recycling technology 0, the price difference between futures and cash was as high as 600. A large number of futures and cash arbitrage and hedging positions were established, and the pressure of short positions in the whole market soared

the chart shows the trend of positions and futures prices. (image source: on the basis of different fixtures, Beijing mid term, Wenhua finance and Economics)

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