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The 2019 Wenzhou Ruizhi machinery annual meeting of "Rui endless · Zhi win the future" was successfully concluded

the 2019 Wenzhou Ruizhi machinery annual conference of "Rui endless · Zhi win the future" has been successfully concluded

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original title: "Rui endless · Zhi win the future" the 2019 Wenzhou Ruizhi machinery annual meeting has been successfully concluded

On December 28, 2019, the 2019 annual meeting of Wenzhou Ruizhi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Ruian vineyard hotel. The theme of this annual meeting is "endless ambition to win the future". As a pioneer in China's paper bag machinery industry, we are determined not to forget our original intentions and forge ahead

hold a handful of time and understand. After walking through the hustle and bustle of the world of mortals, the depth of time is still the quiet beauty of years. 2019 is about to pass. Looking back on the past year, there are too many sweat and tears, joy and touching that deserve our collection

chairman of Ruizhi company: Mr. Xu Yizhi

the new year is coming with everyone's enthusiasm. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Ruizhi company welcomed the 17th annual meeting. There is always a special sense of ceremony to tell us the new beginning of the year; Gather the most gorgeous brilliance with a grand ceremony; Bring sincere thanks with a review; Thank you all for your selfless dedication with a family dinner

Mr. Xu Yizhi, chairman of Ruizhi company (Figure 6 on the left), took a group photo with his employees

this annual meeting is particularly grateful to suppliers from all over the world. A journey of a thousand miles begins with gratitude, and a thousand words mean hard work all the way

the guests attending the annual meeting are (in no order):

Shanghai yingxuan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Zhenhua processing

Wenling rongben machinery

Wenling excess machinery

Wenling Henderson machinery

Mr. Xu Yizhi, chairman of Ruizhi company (middle), took a group photo with the supplier

kauger pneumatic

Lenz (Shanghai) Transmission system Co., Ltd.

Wenling Huanye gear

Hangzhou Zhengyu Technology Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Liming Motor Co., Ltd.

Shanghai senming Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou lebalde spraying Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yixin automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Zhongrui Bearing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Xihe Technology Co., Ltd.

we have prepared exquisite gifts for each guest, And guide guests to sign in

guests sign in

at the beginning of the party, the deputy general manager of Ruizhi company delivered a speech on behalf of the company, reviewing 2019, looking forward to 2020, building a dream for 17 years, going through trials and hardships. Thank you for having you around. The new journey in 2020 is about to begin. May we win more honors with more vigorous passion and creativity

speech content: Thank you for applying the standard in your busy schedule: to participate in the 2020 annual party of Wenzhou Ruizhi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., first of all, on behalf of all colleagues of Wenzhou Ruizhi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., I would like to express my sincere thanks and warm welcome to all guests attending the annual meeting! It is precisely because of your strong support and help that we are today. At the same time, I would like to extend my high respect and heartfelt thanks to all my colleagues who dare to fight and forge ahead! Looking back on the efforts of 2019, the sweat of this year, and the hard work of this year, you finally have the glory of the end of the year. Time has recorded your steps. If the machine is driven by sprocket, there may be slippage or bad chain performance, which proves your efforts. All intelligent composite materials will play an increasingly important role in some important utilization and industries. Some pride and success can only represent the past. Looking forward to 2020, we will face new opportunities and challenges. We expect you to continue to work hard, explore and innovate, keep pace with the times, and write a new chapter with a new attitude and pace. Finally, as the Spring Festival is approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you an early new year. I sincerely wish all friends and colleagues every success, good health and family happiness. Thank you

vice president of Ruizhi company: Mr. Xiang Yuexing's speech

the brilliant achievements of a company cannot be separated from the hard work of employees. Ruizhi people use a tough heart to interpret their love for the cause and loyalty to the company. Recalling the past eventful years, over the past 17 years, determined people have made one step at a time. We have gone through trials and tribulations, reaped fruits, enjoyed sweetness, and experienced the bitterness of disappointment

many times, your efforts seem to be futile. Many times, you seem to be stuck in a corridor and can't move. Many times, you seem to fail in any struggle. It is the days when you can't move, the helplessness that is cruelly hit by reality, and the futility that you think, that make you come to today and make Ruizhi witness the glory again and again. Ruizhi people, good job

group photo of the sales department

"put pen to paper to secure the world, and cross the horse to set the world". As a salesperson fighting in the front line, honor and achievements need to be defended with sweat. In the future, countless days and nights need you to fight for it. The wind is flat, and you should set sail and break the waves; There is a long way to go, so we need to ride a horse and whip

"childlike innocence" opening dance

years change, the times move forward, only diligence, momentum, do not forget the original intention. We often say that we should maintain the "original intention". What is the original intention? It is the innocent heart that has not been affected by anything, and always has enthusiasm for everything, and the purity of the soul. A "childlike heart" dance kicked off the annual meeting

when the sad water flows into the stable Mountain, the poor son's sadness also reminds the mountain of sadness, so they are broken together; The water buried its head in the ground, but the mountain put away the new fragments one by one. So there are confused and complex caves; There are various stalagmites; There is a spring at the mouth of the cave. For salespeople who fight in the front line, they will always believe in the saying: "if you give, there will be echoes". Of course, there are also every determined people who have been silently paying behind the front line. It is diligence that makes us gain, and it is dedication that makes us feel honored. Let's announce the glory of 2019 together

Chairman Xu Yizhi (picture left) presented the award to Mr. Zhang Zhihui (picture right), the champion of sales

Chairman Xu Yizhi (picture left) presented the award to Mr. Wang Minggang (picture middle) - Liu Lihua (picture right)

Chairman Xu Yizhi (picture left) presented the award to Mr. LAN Anwen (picture right), the star of service

vice president Xiang Yuexing (picture right) and sales director Zhou Jifan (picture left) Award for excellent employees

special thanks to the following sponsors:

thank Lenz (Shanghai) transmission system Co., Ltd., Shanghai yingxuan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., Yixin (Shanghai) industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai senming Industry Co., Ltd., Ruian Dongsheng bearing, Ruian kauger, Wenzhou Zhongrui bearing, Wenzhou Liming Motor Co., Ltd Guangzhou Le Baide spraying equipment Co., Ltd. strongly sponsored this next annual meeting

sales director Zhou Jifan (Figure 1 on the left), chairman Xu Yizhi (Figure 1 in the middle), vice president Xiang Yuexing (Figure 1 on the right)

the moment of glory is over, yesterday's success will always be recorded in history, and tomorrow's glory needs us to build with both hands! Put every minute of my life into our dreams. Without wind and rain, how can we see the rainbow? Unite and work hard to create 2020! The three leaders invited the cup and the dinner officially began

"murmur, love is warm, words are all in the glass of wine"

with laughter, clinking glasses, cheers, our program also performed one by one. Let's enjoy a few paragraphs together

magic show - Zhao Shouming

the reason why magic is called magic is that it is unpredictable and makes people unable to think. This couplet is given to everyone: "business is booming, wealth is prosperous, step by step."

singing "stupid children"

when I was in primary school, I always wanted to hear their dialogue clearly

"what's the difference between a stupid child and a smart child?"

"of course, there are differences. Smart children are very powerful, and stupid children are also very cute!"

so far, I have not been able to understand the meaning

friends from India

some voices can bring us happiness. We don't need much melodious melody or complete singing voice, just because they are intentional and we are attentive

people who sing "Chengdu"

cry and eat can go on. At first glance, it must be someone with a story

on site interaction

photos of some suppliers

on site lottery

pigs run to the future, and rats bring money. Gently pick up the rings of the years with the electronic extensometer, roll over the fatigue of the year, leave the old and welcome the new, and turn over the folds of time. Happy birthday to birthday stars

photos of the birthday stars

time flies, time flies, Tianyou can't help but sigh, time is in a hurry, in the twinkling of an eye, our annual grand annual meeting is coming to an end. 2019 is an extraordinary year. Looking back on the course of the past year, we have gained the passion of struggle and the joy of success on the road full of struggle and ups and downs. We are also about to wave goodbye to 2019, forge ahead, full of glory of victory, and stride into a new 2020

in 2020, the 18th year of our ambition, we will never forget our original intention and ride the wind and waves. In the new year, there will be more products waiting for us to research and develop, and there will be a larger market waiting for us to conquer. We not only want our products to sell well in more than 20 provinces, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, but also spread our products in places that are not involved. Let's create more brilliance in 2020

: Mr. assie

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