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Fearing the epidemic crisis, 2020 Dongjin technology welcomes the turnaround with innovation

the sudden epidemic has disrupted the original rhythm of economic operation and inevitably caused a great impact on many enterprises. For enterprises, it is both a crisis and a big test. Some people used to live as the survival goal of enterprises in 2020, but Dongjin believed that in the severe winter, we should not only live, but also be fully prepared for the crisis

for Dongjin technology, thanks to years of stable business philosophy and sufficient cash reserves, the company has sufficient risk resistance. At the same time, the company is still in the process of technological innovation. The field of multimedia communication focuses on the development of a new generation of secure and controllable products, and the field of information security focuses on the development and application of cryptographic technology related products, laying a good foundation for Dongjin technology to regain its momentum after the gradual recovery of the economy

seize the commanding height of the future with independent innovation

in advancing technology in the East, independent innovation has never been an empty slogan. Starting from scratch more than 20 years ago, relying on technological innovation, it has successively launched computer voice communication products and multimedia switch products. With the advantages of high reliability, multimedia, flexibility and openness, they have been applied to telecommunications operations, industrial call centers, enterprise communications and other fields, creating a new era in the development of CTI industry

the ZTE and Huawei incident sounded an alarm for China's science and technology enterprises. Dongjin technology realized that only by sinking into independent scientific research and mastering the core technology in its own hands, it would not be controlled by others. In this regard, Dongjin technology decided to invest R & D resources to develop a new generation of multimedia communication platform with a new technical architecture

redeveloping a new technical architecture means a lot of investment, and there will be no economic benefits for at least twoorthree years. However, Dongjin technology has a further vision. If only the existing technical architecture is repaired, it can only meet the immediate needs of customers. Once customers have new and higher needs, it will be difficult to meet them. Only by focusing on the future and developing a new architecture that is higher, stronger and easier to expand, can Dongjin technology seize the commanding height of future competition

in the selection of core chips, all suppliers of Dongjin technology come from China to avoid being controlled by others in the future. With the quiet efforts in the early stage, Dongjin's first product based on the new technology architecture was completed at the end of last year. At present, Dongjin technology is working with partners to develop and test new products. The conditioning of loading frequency can be achieved through electromechanical speed regulation. When the new generation of products are perfect and mature, they will be vigorously promoted and the market will be distributed

innovative password technology, escort information security

on December 1, 2019, the new "Regulations on network security classification protection" and other security 2.0 were officially implemented. Compared with isoprotection version 1.0, version 2.0 adds full coverage of new technologies and applications such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, IOT, industrial control and big data

at the application level, finance, transportation, energy, government, social security and other industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood need higher-level protection because their information systems are very important; At the same time, it should also meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations

facing the new situation and requirements of information security, after years of technology investment and layout, Dongjin technology has launched a series of leading information security products with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the information security products of Dongjin technology fully cover the whole process of data collection, transmission, storage and access, including terminal password products used on the end side (intelligent terminal, APP), encrypted transmission related products used on the pipeline side, server password products used on the cloud side, and software management platforms for managing these products; All products fully support China's password standards SM1 and SM2. When the experimental machine reaches the force value of the dynamometer, SM3, SM4, etc., and have passed the detection and certification of the State Password Administration; The product can provide a variety of different interfaces, support a variety of different platforms, and facilitate integration

thanks to its profound technological accumulation and understanding of the industry, Dongjin technology information security products have many outstanding advantages. Take Dongjin ipsec/ssl VPN integrated access security product, which won the golden purple bamboo Award for the 2019 communication industry network security influence product, as an example. This product is the latest generation of network security application product independently developed by Dongjin technology. It combines the advantages of IPSec and SSL two mainstream VPN functions, and perfectly solves the problems existing in the practical application of a single IPSec VPN or SSL VPN device, It supports mainstream VPN group technology in one device at the same time

in practice, a number of information security products of Dongjin technology have been successfully applied in different fields and industries, and have been recognized and praised by customers. Zhuhai Water Group adopts the Dongjin encrypted transmission gate to form an encrypted network with more than 30 points, thus ensuring communication security. The VAT electronic invoice verification platform of Dongjin technology signature verification server has been launched in Hebei, Anhui, Guizhou and other provinces to verify the authenticity of VAT electronic invoices

turn danger into opportunity and practice hard in the East

the impact of the epidemic on the information security industry. The judgment of the eastward technology is that the industry's long-term and rapid development of the automotive market plays an important role in driving the development of the upstream polyurethane industry. The good fundamentals remain unchanged. The impact of the epidemic is phased and temporary. The electromagnetic coil is surrounded on the outside of the arc extinguishing chamber, which will not change the basic trend of the stable and long-term improvement of the industry

from the perspective of the general environment, the country is accelerating the construction of new infrastructure, vigorously developing major projects and infrastructure construction such as 5g, artificial intelligence, big data center, industrial interconnection, etc. the new infrastructure in these key areas is based on massive data, and the demand for information security is strong. Therefore, the new infrastructure is a major benefit to the information security industry, which helps to expand the demand of the information security industry, Inject new momentum into the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

from the perspective of the industry environment, during the epidemic period, many enterprises responded to the cloud one after another, and businesses such as cloud office, cloud recruitment, cloud medical treatment, cloud education, and cloud procurement increased sharply. These new businesses undoubtedly increased the hidden dangers of information security and increased the demand for information security products and services

this not only brings greater market opportunities to information security manufacturers, but also puts forward higher requirements for the comprehensive strength of enterprises. In this regard, Dongjin technology will take advantage of this short-term market downturn to continue to strengthen technological innovation, increase investment in scientific research, and seize the opportunity to develop information security products in the post epidemic era; Accelerate the development and testing of the first multimedia communication product based on the new technology architecture; More new technologies and new ideas will be introduced into the products, including the hot field of quantum secure communication, which has cooperated with some leading universities and launched pilot projects; Actively cooperate with vehicle communication equipment manufacturers to embed Dongjin's password module into the manufacturer's equipment to ensure more secure and reliable communication needs. These will promote the momentum of eastward technology accumulation and re launch, and usher in a new level, a higher level and greater and faster development after the epidemic

about Dongjin Technology:

Shenzhen Dongjin Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Dongjin technology for short, is a leading domestic supplier of information and communication core equipment and solutions. Its products cover three major fields: information security, financial payment and multimedia communication. Dongjin technology was founded in 1993. After years of experience in product research and development and project implementation, it has formed a complete product line and perfect service system. The information security product line has three categories and nine series, including cipher machine, encrypted transmission customs, security management and other categories; The financial payment product line covers core equipment related to bank cards such as controllers; As the foundation of eastbound technology, multimedia communication has always maintained a leading position in the world. Its product lines span many fields, such as call centers, enterprise communications, telecommunications operations, and government emergency command and scheduling. Through continuous cultivation, the number of installed ports of Dongjin technology products ranks first in the same industry, and are widely used in military, government, telecommunications, finance, energy, transportation and other industries, and the products achieve a coverage rate of more than 80% of the whole industry

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