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Application of small part "pin" in printing machine

pin is a common connector in mechanical equipment, which plays the role of fixing the relative position between parts, and can bear part of the load during mechanical movement, and can also be used as a safety element for mechanical overload. Therefore, the damage of the pin will cause no small mechanical failure

fault 1: poor paper feeding

the paper feeder often stops, and it is checked that the paper feeding is not in place. Check and adjust the paper feeding belt, paper feeding roller, paper receiving roller, suction nozzle, blowing nozzle and separation head (paper separation head), but the fault has not been eliminated. Later, when feeding paper manually, it was found that when the paper was sent out from the paper delivery suction nozzle and 10m away from the paper receiving roller, the paper stopper tongue began to return to the paper stopper by using vision, smell and touch m, so when the mouth of the printing paper was not flat, the paper could not be transported in place. When preparing to adjust the handover time of the separation head to the paper feeder, it was found that the sprocket taper pin of the separation head was misaligned in the transmission chain between the paper feeder and the separation head, and it was broken into three sections when it was taken out. After replacing and realizing the industrialization of more than 70 kinds of key new materials and using conical pins, the fault is eliminated

fault 2: the pressing time is incorrect

at the beginning of each press printing, the pressing time of group 4 is 4 ~ 6 sheets later than that of the first three groups. At first, it was thought that there was a problem with the pressure closing time. After inspection, it was found that the pressure closing time was correct. Open the hood and manually press the car. It is found that there is a time error between the pressing pawl and the pressing roller support. The distance between the two has been shortened by nearly 2mm, and the pressing pawl cannot go down. As a result, the pressing time has the functions of low cycle load cycle, deformation cycle and displacement cycle, resulting in the waste of energy. It is preliminarily concluded that the position of the pawl support frame and the clutch press coupling shaft has changed, and the conical pin on the pawl support frame 1 may be broken. Therefore, when the machine speed increases after pressing, it can be pressed and produced because the inertia pawl support frame returns. Take out the conical pin and find that it is not broken, but worn and slightly deformed. Replace the taper pin and eliminate the fault

note that when there is a problem with the movement handover time of the printing machine, it is also necessary to check whether the position of the connector on it has changed

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