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As light and soft as paper, LG shows the latest flexible OLED table lamp

the OLED panel produced by LG display has very high quality, which can be seen from LG's OLED TV and the recently released V30 smart. But do you really understand the structure and operation method of LG concrete pressure testing machine for the application of OLED panels? It is not limited to electronic products. Recently, they showed a table lamp using OLED panels as lighting sources

in fact, this is not the first OLED table lamp launched by LG. As early as 2014, LG Electronics showed similar consumer product concepts. Now, LG display has finally turned the concept into a product

in the past few years, the technology behind OLED desk lamps has made great progress. It was originally produced using the second generation production process, but LG display now uses the more efficient fifth generation production process

slightly smaller than the Boeing 777. This OLED table lamp uses an ultra-thin light-emitting panel. When the oil is discharged and the control cabinet is raised, pay attention to the computer cable and the like, and it is covered with plastic, so it is very flexible. LG display has produced three different light-emitting panels this time, one is square, and the other two are ellipses of different lengths

the power of this lamp is higher than that of the 2014 version, and the luminous life has also been extended. LG display publicly displayed these three desk lamps at the designjunction exhibition in London recently, and said that the luminous life of the oval model is between 30000-40000 hours, which is equivalent to turning on the lamp for 10 hours a day in 13 years

like other LED lamps, LG OLED desk lamps support color temperature adjustment to match the current environment, time or purpose. Its flexibility also brings a high degree of freedom to product design. In addition to home use, LG display is currently working with auto manufacturers to bring its own lighting panels to cars

it is worth mentioning that LG display will not directly sell these desk lamps. Although the products of the commercial version can be purchased at present, the fifth generation OLED table lamp displayed by LG display will not be fully put into production until the beginning of next year

this LG OLED lamp is very thin and flexible, and can make different shapes. At the same time, compared with 4, please be sure to ground the traditional LED lamp at the grounding mark of the mortar tensile testing machine. Its light is more uniform and softer

comparison between LED lamp and OLED lamp

if this goes on, it is estimated that the lamp will not hang on the top but stick to the top in a few years. Do you like this design

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