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Only 16 people earn nearly 300million a year! What has this carton factory done

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the traditional packaging industry is a labor-intensive industry. Under the background of the continuous rise in production costs such as manpower and land, by increasing the investment in fixed assets, building a "smart factory" to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, it has become the only way for the packaging industry, and longlide is a well deserved "pioneer" in this way

the maximum speed of paperboard production in its Anhui factory can reach nearly 400m/min, which is the leading level in the industry. Shanghai fengqifeng factory has only 16 production workers, and its operating income in 2019 was 270Million. How did you do it

outstanding achievements in Intelligent Manufacturing:

in 2019, longlide's per capita output value was 1.55 million, with a year-on-year increase of 7%

longlide adhered to the intensive development strategy of "high and precision", embedded the gene of "integration of automation and intelligence" into the bone marrow, improved production efficiency with intelligent manufacturing and fine management, reduced production costs, won high-quality customers, and created core competitive barriers

longlide is a national pilot enterprise for the implementation of the integration of industrialization and industrialization management system recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology. In the second half of 2017, fengqifeng smart factory, the first domestic printing industry 4.0 smart factory built by the company, began to be put into operation, integrating five parts: Operation Logistics intelligence, operation process intelligence, product conversion intelligence, warehousing intelligence, client information system, and building a system of upper and lower interoperability and overall interconnection; Since 2018, Anhui factory has expanded the intelligent and efficient printing and molding linkage line, intelligent IOT and warehouse management, but now the components of this kind of material can be found on different models of mini, and the project has been put into production to realize the automatic control of the whole production line. The cardboard production speed can reach nearly 400m/min, which is the leading level in the industry

intellectualization directly increases longlide's per capita output value. In 2019, the per capita output value of the company was 1.55 million, with a year-on-year increase of 7%, ranking the leading position in the industry; Among them, Shanghai fengqifeng has only 16 production workers, with an operating income of 270 million in 2019

at present, the company has set up three production bases in Anhui and Shanghai, all of which have introduced high standard advanced equipment. Although the investment scale of a single factory is high, the subsequent high efficiency and scale effect benefit the enterprise infinitely. In the past three years, the proportion of direct labor cost in the total cost of the company has decreased year by year, from 3.28% in 2017 to 2.73% in 2019; The management fee rate in 2019 was 4.02%, 1.41 percentage points lower than the industry average; At the same time, driven by intelligence, the company's manufacturing process and delivery capacity have continued to improve, and the effect of innovation and retention of high-quality customers has become increasingly prominent

R & D investment is leading in the industry:

the gross profit rate of food grade pizza boxes used for export is 10% higher than that of cartons

matching with intelligent manufacturing, the company's R & D investment is far ahead in the industry. In, the R & D expenses of the company were 26.6892 million, 38.7448 million and 39.489 million respectively, accounting for 4.16%, 4.50% and 4.53% of the operating revenue, ranking in the forefront of comparable companies in the industry. By the end of 2019, the company had 107 R & D technicians, accounting for 19.01%

longlide mainly develops the market through technology marketing, digests the existing production capacity, and has formed a benign interaction mechanism between technology and market. At present, the company has a series of core technologies and R & D processes in the corrugated industry, corrugated boxes for water-based printing, molding structures, high-definition printing and other functions of integrated packaging, and they are all in the stage of mass production; At the same time, it has obvious technical advantages in the field of packaging and printing products, such as water seepage prevention, oil seepage prevention, acid prevention, rust prevention, wear resistance, light weight, high pressure, breathable and fresh-keeping, low weight, light weight, high strength, environmental protection and low carbon

among them, the food grade and high temperature resistant pizza boxes mainly used for export by the company have high technical content, with gross profit rates of 38.82%, 35.71% and 34.78% respectively in recent three years, about 10 percentage points higher than the total gross profit rate of cartons

according to the data, the company has passed HACCP, SA8000, FSC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, iso50001, BRC, OHSAS18001 and other relevant certifications, with a total of 256 patents and 13 software copyrights

performance has stepped into a steady growth platform:

the gross profit margin of main business in 2019 was 3.67 percentage points higher than the average of the same industry

longlide, formerly known as longlide packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., was listed on the new third board in. After delisting, the company increased capital and shares, and introduced investors such as Jinpu investment, Zhuji Dongzheng, Jiaxing Liding, etc. In 2017, the company's intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0 unmanned smart factory was put into operation. In 2018, the company was renamed "longlide Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.". At present, longlide has one wholly-owned subsidiary and one wholly-owned subsidiary, which are longlide packaging technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and fengqifeng printing technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

before this offering, natural persons Xu Longping and Zhang Yunxue jointly controlled 40.58% of the shares of the company, and were the actual controllers of the company. The company plans to issue no more than 86.5 million shares to the public, accounting for 25% of the total share capital after the issuance, and the total share capital after the issuance is no more than 346 million shares

after ten years of trial and error, longlide has formed a relatively stable production, sales and profit model, and its current performance has entered a steady growth platform. In, the company achieved operating revenue of 640 million, 860 million and 870 million, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 57.2551 million, 88.7558 million and 85.9999 million

in terms of product structure, cartons and paperboards contribute most of the company's revenue and profits. Among them, the operating revenue generated by the sales of cartons in the past three years accounted for 81.84%, 89.42% and 88.93% of the total revenue respectively; In terms of sales area, it is mainly concentrated in East China, with the sales revenue accounting for 76.72% and 84% respectively in recent three years. To sum up, this is a detailed introduction to the usual protection, maintenance and use skills of bellows ring stiffness testing machine 95%、89.38%。 At the same time, the company has gradually expanded to domestic markets such as South China, North China and Northeast China, as well as overseas markets such as the United States, Australia and Canada

driven by intelligent manufacturing and fine management, the gross profit margin of the company's main business is higher than the industry average. From 2017 to 2019, the gross profit margin of Longli's main business was 25.46%, 25.05% and 25.31%, respectively 1.11, 3.74 and 3.67 percentage points higher than the industry average

the packaging integration mode is gradually taking shape:

insight into customer needs, and has gradually got rid of the role of a single manufacturer

China's packaging industry is scattered. The market share of the top 10 enterprises is less than 10%, the market concentration is low, and the competition is fierce. With the improvement of downstream customers' requirements for cost reduction, efficiency increase and product quality, packaging integration has become the development trend of the industry, and has gradually become a moat for longlide to participate in market competition

in recent years, longlide has gradually got rid of the role of a single manufacturer and provided comprehensive supporting support for customer related packaging links, from product design to color management, from receiving orders to timely delivery services, quickly responded to the "multiple, scattered and fast" requirements of customer orders, established production, logistics and information platforms, and integrated the whole process of customer packaging product circulation, storage and production assistance, We are committed to creating a one-stop packaging solution. This mode effectively improves the added value of products and services, enhances customer stickiness, and expands profit space

longlide has the technical foundation of packaging integration. With the integration of advanced manufacturing equipment, Internet technology and ERP, MES and other management systems, it can achieve a high degree of integration and centralized control of product process design, manufacturing, testing, logistics, services and other links

high quality and stable customers:

the company's customer acquisition ability continues to improve, and its dependence on a single customer is reduced.

longlide focuses on the production of medium and high-end corrugated products. Its customers are mainly well-known large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, and its cooperative relationship leads to stable activities. The company's customer groups include LiBai, Lanju, YIHAI KERRY (golden dragon fish), Hehuang Baimao, Heng'an, Yili, Luhua, COFCO, Zhongyan, kaimi, Haidilao, Wangwang, Jiage, laiyifen, Xizhilang, Huike (HKC) and other enterprises; In the first half of 2020, new customers such as boxihua and Haidilao were developed

in the past three years, the company's customer acquisition capacity has continued to improve. The sales of the top five customers accounted for 51.69%, 45.60% and 40.07% of the operating revenue respectively. The customer concentration showed a downward trend, and the dependence on a single customer decreased

it is reported that high-end brand customers implement an assessment and certification system when selecting packaging product suppliers; After becoming a qualified supplier, it still needs to go through a long cycle of small batch trial production and medium batch trial production to enter the mass supply, while downstream customers are more concerned about the stability of the supply chain. Once the cooperative relationship is established, it is less likely that the post nano friction and wear testing machine will continue to change. Longlide has high-quality major customers. Based on the in-depth strategic cooperation with customers, it will occupy a competitive advantage and is expected to obtain more orders

in recent years, the brand strength of the company has also been continuously improved, gradually forming a closed loop of benign interaction between the brand and the market. The company has been shortlisted in the top 100 printing and packaging industry for many years, and has successively won the honors of "national printing demonstration enterprise", "Anhui famous brand product", "Anhui Enterprise Technology Center", "Anhui specialized and special new enterprise" and so on. In 2017, it won the most influential printing product quality evaluation competition in the global printing industry - "American Printing Award" flexible printing corrugated box Bronze Award

raise funds to increase production capacity:

the project is fully put into production, and it is expected to increase operating income by 560million

longlide's investment projects this time are mostly focused on intelligent manufacturing, specifically the expansion of intelligent and efficient printing and forming linkage line and intelligent IOT and warehouse management project (hereinafter referred to as "intelligent printing and forming linkage line expansion project"), supporting green color printing internal packaging intelligent manufacturing production project (hereinafter referred to as "internal packaging intelligent manufacturing project") R & D center construction projects, repayment of bank loans and replenishment of working capital. After the project is fully completed, it is expected to increase the operating income by 560million

the total investment scale of the expansion project of intelligent printing and molding linkage line is 210million, and it is planned to use the raised funds of 100million. Previously, the company has invested 110million in advance. After the completion of the project, 90million square meters of carton capacity will be added, and the annual new sales revenue is expected to be 310million, with an after tax internal rate of return of 13.03%

in the past three years, the capacity utilization rate of longlide carton has been 94.86%, 85.42% and 90.15%, which has become saturated. The new carton capacity will break the business bottleneck and ensure sustainable development

the total investment scale of the inner packaging intelligent manufacturing project is 136million, which aims to meet the downstream customers' demand for the supporting inner packaging of the existing outer packaging product cartons, and is an effective expansion of new fields. After the implementation of the project, 126million pieces of color printing inner packaging capacity will be added to fill the blank of the company's supporting inner box packaging production capacity. It is estimated that the annual new sales revenue will be 252million and the after tax internal rate of return will be 16.87%

up to now, based on the existing high-quality customer group, the company has undertaken some orders for supporting inner box products, but because it does not have the production capacity of inner box packaging, it can only be met through outsourcing, which has the risk of uncontrollable cost and quality. Through the production of supporting inner box packaging on the basis of outsourcing business, while optimizing the product structure, it is expected to form a deeper binding relationship with customers, laying the foundation for the digestion of new capacity and future revenue growth

the company said that in the upgrading and transformation of social consumption

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