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The application of six channel commutation optical encoder in servo motor system

in the servo motor system, the system needs to provide accurate position control and speed control. At the same time, it requires fast response, high speed, smooth rotation, stable torque, etc. For higher and higher system requirements, the control of servo motor is also more and more complex. The controller, motor drive, position and speed sensing of the system form a closed-loop control system; For motor commutation, many motors use Hall sensor to realize commutation feedback, but the switching accuracy of Hall sensor is not too high

avago's industry-leading six channel reversing optical encoder aedb-9340 series can simply develop the feedback mechanism in the brushless DC motor (BLDC) closed-loop servo system in design. This optical encoder integrates channel a, channel B and channel I as position feedback, and uses channel u, Channel V and channel w to simulate the hall sensor feedback of rotor commutation. All these output signals are generated by the optical sensor; The pole number can be simply changed by reconfiguring the code disk style without any hardware modification. This function helps to greatly save the design and development and product launch time of motor manufacturers; Moreover, the switching accuracy is much higher than that of Hall sensor. This paper briefly introduces this series of products

1. Aedb-9340 product introduction

1. Six channel reversing optical encoder

aedb-9340 is a transmission and incremental photoelectric encoder, which can provide position feedback signal output of three channels a, B and I, and motor commutation signal of three channels u, V and W. The basic principle of its position sensor is shown in the following figure:

on the left is a code disk with grating spacing, which rotates between the light-emitting tube and photoelectric detection, and is transmitted to the light detection on the right through light transmission. It is equipped with corresponding functional accessories to realize the assembly of typical concrete structures such as beams, columns, plates, frames, bridges (full-scale, models), steel trusses, rubber bearings, fasteners, steel strand anchors, various springs, riggings, slings, ring connections After processing, the static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test department of steel rails and their welded joints, automobile chassis, automobile front and rear axles, locomotive bogies and various large components can form the following ABI three channel position signal output

at the same time of position signal output, it can output the relevant UVW three-way commutation signal according to the single turn indication signal I, and its output can be directly used as the electronic commutation signal of brushless motor if the oil hole of the buffer is blocked, as shown in the following figure:

2, product features

aedb-9340 integrates the 90 degree orthogonal output of two a and B signals, and has the single turn indication signal I output, which can provide UVW signal output, a, B The output accuracy of channel I position information can reach 2500cpr, with a maximum frequency response of 150kHz, and the shaft diameter is from 3mm to 10mm. The switching accuracy is also much higher than the traditional Hall sensor. The commutation accuracy of aedb-9340 encoder series is less than ± 1 mechanical angle. This integrated solution eliminates the use of Brushless DC motor feedback Hall sensor, which can not only reduce the cost, but also improve the performance of the overall system, and reduce the overall size of the integrated feedback device brushless DC motor

aedb-9340 can be well used in printers, plotters, conveyor belts, and factory automation equipment

second, the application of aedb-9340 in the servo motor

the six channel reversing optical encoder can realize the output of position signals a, B and I in the system, calculate the running speed of the servo motor according to the position, and accurately control the position and speed required by the main controller. At the same time, in the control of servo motor, especially brushless motor, the three UVW commutation signals generated by photoelectric encoder can be directly used for the commutation signal of motor without additional signal processing. The encoder has fast response speed and can adapt to servo motors with various operating speeds

with the increasing demand for encoder to improve motor control in the industry, motor manufacturers have further promoted the extensive use of integrated steering output optical encoder in BLDC motor field, and its development momentum has exceeded that of Hall devices. More and more designers begin to choose optical encoders in their motor drives. These 1kW encoders are cheaper and can achieve the same reliability as Hall sensors, and their accuracy can be higher. In contrast, Hall sensor increases the size, design complexity and assembly cost of servo motor

the six channel reversing optical encoder aedb-9340 can accurately reflect the position information and speed information of the motor in the application of servo motor, and can produce the commutation signal UVW of brushless motor, which can directly replace the hall sensor. The encoder can realize high-precision and high-speed signal detection. The modular design can also reduce the size of the design, reduce the design difficulty, and reduce the production cost. For details of this series of products and related technical support, please contact the authorized agent of Anwar high tech in Greater China, Shiqiang Telecom. (E2. Nd in the test experiment)

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