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Owen Corning and Bayer jointly developed new materials

Owen cornig's automotive development business department and Bayer's Polyurethane department jointly developed glass fiber reinforced polyurethane to replace iron and aluminum titanium dioxide on automotive structural parts, raising the price of raw materials upstream of Lomon Bailey

according to Martin Dawson, vice president of Bayer automotive business department, this cooperation provides a new way to expand the application of composite materials in the automotive field. He said, "we have proved that this composite material is a new way to replace traditional metal products with integrally molded composite truck boxes, which have been widely used on GM Silverado."

dawson added. "Although this kind of truck case is lighter than metal, it is more durable, and can reduce costs for automobile manufacturers, and the performance benefits users. We hope to use it as a structural member instead of metal in automobile design in the next step."

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