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How to measure the five senses in home living space is an important standard, and the perfect experience of audio-visual touch, taste and smell is indispensable. The bathroom is the most private part of the family room space, and its connection with people is also the most direct. How its five senses affect your mood most

although the space of the bathroom is not large, it should be compatible with a variety of functions and devices at the same time, which should not only meet the needs of people in daily life, but also look neat and beautiful with a unique personal style. With the continuous improvement of modern people's requirements for bathroom space, the bathroom has gradually changed from a pure functional space to an alternative space for people to relax, enjoy and show their personal taste

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three classic layouts make the bathroom unique

the area of most residential bathroom spaces is not very large, so it is particularly important to show your personal style and taste by adjusting the layout form in a limited space

I. “ T” Font layout, called “ T” The zigzag layout is to skillfully divide the bathroom into T-shaped, as soon as you enter the door “ T” Place the wash basin, vanity mirror, etc. in a horizontal position, and then “ T” The left side of the vertical one in the middle is the toilet and locker, and the right side is the bathtub. We can also make a glass partition above the middle between the toilet and the bathtub, so that the function distribution in the bathroom is quite clear and does not interfere with each other, which is easy to use

II. Suite layout. The so-called suite layout is to separate the wash basin and the locker and combine them into “ Outside room ”, And “ Inside ” It's toilet and shower. The advantage of this is the dry and wet zoning and functional zoning, which not only reduces the inconvenience caused by humidity, but also reduces the mutual interference during peak periods

third, open layout. Now many apartments have bathrooms in their master bedrooms, and many owners choose to build bathrooms into open ones. They are either completely open, or slightly hidden by partitions such as glass and cloth, making them semi open. Although the open layout can make the whole room look bigger and more transparent, and can also highlight the fashionable taste of the host, it also has certain limitations and shortcomings, such as the impact of humidity and fog on other indoor facilities during bathing. Therefore, friends who want to make this attempt must consider it comprehensively before starting

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