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My wife's cosmetics, my husband's razor, my children's toys when taking a bath... A lot of small but inseparable daily necessities are placed in the palm sized space of the bathroom

wife's cosmetics, husband's razor, children's toys when taking a bath... A lot of small but inseparable daily necessities are placed in the palm sized space of the bathroom. The three traditional bathroom items have been difficult to meet the needs of modern people, so many people will add a bathroom cabinet with strong storage function to their home, but is this bathroom cabinet good or buy it? It has become a problem that puzzles everyone

many people hope to hear your views, but there are different opinions, and there is no final conclusion in the end. We've sorted it out here, and you can compare it. As for whether to do it or buy it, it's up to you

basins and cabinets are handmade. The materials selected for the purchase of finished products are the same as other furniture or cabinets. Relatively speaking, the waterproof and moisture resistance is relatively poor, and the material selection is clear. It is mainly waterproof and moisture-proof. There are a variety of waterproof products with different materials to choose from. Colors are artificially colored and painted, which is prone to color difference or uneven spraying. Assembly line production and manufacturing, machine color matching and spraying, which is not easy to produce color difference The bubble or falling off size can be measured according to the actual situation, which is relatively more in line with the space requirements than the purchased products. Most products are fixed in size, but many manufacturers can customize the style door-to-door according to the specific situation of customers. The hand-made product form and style are relatively simple, and few can make a big breakthrough in style. Designers carefully design a variety of products with different styles, You can choose the details according to the overall design style of your home. The best workmanship often ignores the details, especially the waterproof and collision measures, which are rarely considered. After the designer's investigation and design, the details can be designed and matched according to different users and use conditions. Users can choose to match the faucet, basin and cabinet according to their preferences and actual needs. Designers uniformly design the faucet, basin and cabinet, The overall style tends to be consistent. Due to technical limitations, the functions of the basin cabinet will not be too many, which can only meet the needs of users as far as possible. The space is clearly differentiated, and different functional designs can be integrated to bring in more modern technology. However, each function is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Common hardware is used for hardware. The waterproof function is not strong, and it is easy to rust over time. The hardware that affects the use and beauty of the manufacturing factory is uniformly ordered and installed, There are specific hardware suppliers who need to be replaced and can also have appropriate accessories. The process is manually manufactured by carpenters, and the installation and combination are completed by manpower, which cannot meet the unified quality standard, and the stability is poor after completion. After the machine is set with a unified mode, it can be produced in batches, and it can be manufactured through different processes. The stability of the product is relatively better. The installation carpenters make and install it on site, Its quality has a lot to do with personal experience. The manufacturer specially sends people to deliver and install the products. They are familiar with the characteristics of the products. The installation speed is fast. The construction period mainly depends on the craftsmanship of the carpenter. If they do it in oneortwo days, or if they can't do it in half a month, the finished products can be delivered to the door in oneortwo days after purchase. If the manufacturer needs to come to the door to measure and order, the time will be longer than that of the master. It will take about half a month to a month. As long as the price of various materials The cost of products and labor costs can be calculated together, which is relatively affordable. However, if you buy brand basins and faucets, the price also needs to be in the market of one or two thousand yuan. The price of basin cabinets is two or three thousand yuan. Some solid wood products will be more expensive, but the effect is really that it is difficult to make by hand. Life has a lot to do with workmanship and material selection. Deformation, cracking, mildew and other phenomena are more likely to occur, which is related to the selected brand The material quality has a lot to do with it. The service life of products of different grades will also be different. After sales, it will be completed. If there is a problem, no one will repair it. When the product is sold, there will be a corresponding warranty card and warranty commitment. If there is a problem, you can find relevant personnel to solve it.

? Are the comparisons detailed? If you have any questions, you can also communicate directly with us online to let more TX hear your views. If you decide to buy a bathroom cabinet and have no direction, go online to the building materials mall of Shangtuan. You can choose the right products without leaving home

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