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Doctor's home in the era of "sharing" -- doctor's home in the era of "sharing" -- doctor's home in the era of "sharing" -- doctor's home in the era of "sharing" -- doctor's home in the era of "sharing" water paint coating practitioner, The composite technology of graphene based electrode materials has taken root smoothly in the economic environment of the new era, and "sharing economy" has also become an eye-catching keyword. From "sharing travel" to "sharing bicycles" and "sharing cars" to the current "sharing power bank" and "sharing paper towels", more and more industries are wearing "sharing economy" Jackets: shared umbrellas have been visible on the roadside, and shared massage chairs have begun to take shape

since the development of "sharing economy", there has been a tendency to blindly follow the trend and confuse the public. However, this new thing between leasing economy and sharing economy has indeed created several industry giants with the help of capital and market demand. On the contrary, this development situation is expanding the originally defined connotation of sharing economy, thus creating more possibilities for the sharing model

in this era of "sharing economy" at its peak, what other sharing has attracted much attention—— The development history of "shared water paint coating"

"shared water paint coating" in Dr. bards' home ✚ ●

as early as 2009, bards group cooperated with Beijing University of chemical technology to undertake the National 863 major scientific research achievement - water-based paint and undertake the important task of environmental protection coating industrialization

in 2015, the "sharing economy" entered the year of blowout. Fangxueping, chairman of bards group, found the direction of "sharing" from the environmental protection policy and the development trend of furniture industry. With years of water-based paint technology advantages, he built a factory for the purpose of "sharing water-based paint coating" in Nankang with the standard of "green environmental protection, low-carbon energy saving and advanced technology"

in September, 2018, Ganzhou doctor's home furnishing industry base with the theme of "Kao water paint · shared water paint coating practitioner" held a grand opening ceremony, which means that the shared water paint coating plant was officially put into operation and is committed to building a "China water paint centralized spraying demonstration base"

"shared water paint coating" came into being ✚ ●

the real application of the sharing mode requires appropriate power and environment. The combination of the supply side and the demand side, on the one hand, users have substantial demand for shared products and can also accept short-term use rights. On the other hand, there is a serious shortage of supply in the market. It is urgent to activate idle assets to increase supply and solve the contradiction between supply and demand

under the severe situation of the battle against pollution, the development of Nankang furniture industry has stepped onto a crossroads and is facing great challenges. Although the transformation of "oil to water" in some furniture industries has been successful, many furniture factories have been deterred by the high amount of equipment investment. The operation of Dr. home has brought good news to Nankang furniture. The high-quality shared environmental protection coating services have solved the environmental protection problems. Through the R & D, production and centralized spraying services of high-performance environmental protection water-based coatings, the furniture industry has used high-end technology to solve the outstanding problems of "oil to water" and exhaust gas pollution, Put forward a good scheme and path, with 15 Size of control box: W330 x D330 x h1040 (mm) move the "oil to water" of furniture enterprises in Nankang, even in central provinces and cities, to achieve the emission standard of furniture enterprises, and lead the environmental protection and green development of Nankang furniture enterprises

with the strong power of market demand, the sharing mode should have the inherent advantages of breaking the traditional industry mode and upgrading industrial services, which mainly refers to low cost and high efficiency. Taking Yidi as an example, they overturned the dominant position of a car industry in the travel field for a long time, provided a way to change industrial problems, and stimulated a new round of upgrading of services in traditional industries while expanding their own strength

check whether it is insulated and grounded in this era of sharing, Dr. budds home has established an innovative development mode to provide an optional "sharing" cooperation mode for Nankang local furniture enterprises and furniture factories within a radius of 50 kilometers:

scheme 1: customers provide white embryos - Dr. home for painting

scheme 2: the customer issues the finished product order - the doctor's household will carry out the link from white embryo to coating, and then to the finished product

scheme 3: joint equity participation, cooperative operation and joint construction of water paint spraying system

doctor's home "9 sharing projects"

1 Centralized water paint spraying base

2. Furniture industry "oil to water" solution

3. The world's advanced "water-based UV paint" application technology

4. Germany venjakob fully automatic reciprocating spraying line

5. Italy finiture fully automatic hanging wire and electrostatic rotating cup spraying line

6. American Landsat disk fully automatic hanging wire and electrostatic butterfly spraying line

7. Domestic advanced photovoltaic solar power generation system (green)

8. Domestic advanced air energy hot water system (energy saving)

9. Domestic advanced dust control system (environmental protection)

Dr. home's "shared water paint coating" has solved the transformation problem of "oil to water" of traditional furniture enterprises and the problem of difficult treatment of spraying waste gas. Through the full set of water paint coating mode of "technology can be shared, production can be visited, and environmental protection can be seen" and the brand concept of "green environmental protection, low carbon energy conservation, and technology leadership", it has developed in a group with local furniture enterprises to provide pure water paint furniture coating services to furniture enterprises, Enhance the brand image and competitiveness of Nankang furniture, share the achievements of environmental protection and the future of water paint coating

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