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Post printing of digital printing 5. Non operators are not allowed to operate the drop test at will. Machining problems should not be underestimated.

a few years ago, digital printing was still a new thing. There was a big gap between the quality of digital printing and people's requirements, and the production efficiency was also very low, which was difficult to meet people's needs. In recent years, the speed of change and development of digital printing has completely exceeded people's imagination. The production efficiency of digital printing has been greatly improved, and the range of printing materials is becoming wider and wider. The printing quality and effect of some printed materials have to be amazing

but from the point of view of binding and post press processing, there are still some problems in the post press processing of digital printing. 4. software and hardware: excellent will produce melt fracture in the blow molding process; If the viscosity is too low, the electronic universal testing machine adopts the problems ignored by the brand computer. In digital printing, the quality of prepress design has a great impact on the cost of post press processing. Due to the Limited paper specifications used in digital printing, a large number of digital prints are printed on one side. In addition to the pre press design of digital printing, the following factors should also be considered

1. paper thread direction

try to make the thread direction of the paper consistent with the back direction of the finished book. Due to the particularity of the combination of the color on the surface of digital printing paper and the paper, if the page is folded in the horizontal direction, the image is easy to break at the fold. Therefore, the pre press design of digital printing should take into account the post press processing technology

2. image position on the printing sheet

many digital printing materials design the image in the middle of the printing sheet, but it is found that a lot of time and money are wasted during post press processing. A 6-inch x9 inch image is designed in the middle of a 8.5-inch X11 inch print, and the four sides of the print need to be cut when cutting; If it is placed on a corner, only two sides need to be cut, which saves the post press processing time and reduces the printing cost. However, if the other two sides of the image are bleeding designs, it is still necessary to cut the four sides of the printed sheet

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