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Practical auxiliary functions of the video conferencing system

the video conferencing system has practical and perfect conference auxiliary functions. The system supports text communication, electronic hand raising, conference recording, conference grouping, conference voting, dual screen display and other functions, fully simulating the real scene of offline meetings

1. Text communication: users can directly input text in the text communication area and click the send button to communicate. Public chat and one-to-one private chat are supported. The chairman can prohibit private chat. Text chat records are saved as. Txt type

2. Conference recording: it can record all contents including audio, video and data contents (local video + audio, full screen + Audio after repeated attempts and efforts with customers) and playback them. The recording file is in the standard AVI format and can be saved in the directory specified by the user or uploaded to the server. The conference chairman can prohibit and specify the user to record

3. Meeting voting: the chairman can initiate meeting voting at any time during the meeting. Voting can realize such functions as registered, secret, single or multiple voting, and publishing voting results

4. Meeting grouping: during the meeting, the chairman can create multiple groups for meeting discussion

5. 6. Before loading, check whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position. Raise your hand electronically: raise your hand at any time during the meeting, and carry out corresponding operations with the approval of the chairman

6. Interface synchronization: the conference chairman can control the conference layout and realize layout synchronization and video synchronization

7. Video roll call: the chairman can call the roll, including automatic video roll call and manual video roll call, and can record the roll call process

8. Dual screen display: it supports dual screen display of video content and data content during the conference

9. Virtual scene: the simulation shows the meeting scene. The chairman is labeled with the word "chairman" in front of the chairman, and the speaker video is displayed with a red border

10. Remote control: the system supports remote control of camera, parameter adjustment, frame rate, backlight setting, etc

11. Banner caption: the banner can be displayed above the video and the caption can be displayed below

12. Video screenshot: you can capture and save the user's video. Enable 3D video rendering to use the video capture feature

13. Multi channel video display: when multi-channel video acquisition is enabled, bismuth iodide can remain stable in the air for up to 197 days, each client can support up to 4 channels of video at the same time

14. Video rotation Tour: it can set the number of rotation tour routes and rotation tour time, or select personnel video rotation tour

15. H.323 interworking: it can realize video conference or direct interconnection with hardware

16. Meeting agenda: the meeting agenda can be arranged in advance, and the meeting agenda can be associated with the content of specific documents, so that the participants can know the progress of the meeting at any time

17. High cost and lack of standard "Green Express" at the right end of local video are difficult to display: local video can be displayed on the right side without traffic in the video window

18. Change skin color: the system is equipped with a variety of color display, and you can choose your favorite client color

19. Multicast: start the multicast service client. Non participants in the same segment can start the multicast client through the multicast client shortcut in the start menu to receive audio, video and data from the multicast server

20. Meeting locking/unlocking: the meeting can be locked during the meeting to prevent others from entering

21. Server cascading: it also supports server cascading, which can support large-scale meetings with thousands of clients; The master and slave servers can work independently to reduce network pressure

22. Open SOA Architecture: integration with OA, ERP, HR and other systems

23. Video playback: support WMV, wma, ASF, avi, MP3, RM and other common streaming media formats. Click the play button to play

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