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The ancha group post technical operation sports meeting "improves the quality" for employees

the ancha group post technical operation sports meeting "improves the quality" for employees

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the 12th Anhui Forklift Group post technical operation sports meeting was held today. 366 contestants from the headquarters, subsidiaries and member units of the group will compete in 18 technical types of work with 3. Yellowing resistance

it is understood that Anhui Forklift Group holds the post technical operation games every two years, which has been carried out continuously for 23 years, and has formed a unique training mode for skilled talents. This mode has not only opened up a new way for the growth of employees, but also emerged a large number of provincial top technical talents and top-notch knowledge skilled talents

yanganguo, vice chairman and general manager of Anhui Forklift Group, said in this interview that talents are the first resource of the enterprise. Through this lively form, the group must import high-end products to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to do, love, drill and excel, so that more excellent and young employees can stand out on a fair and just platform and get more opportunities for promotion

"advocating skills and becoming talents at post", Lixiaolin, the winner of the last forklift maintenance project, said with great feeling: "We are grateful to the group for building such a fair competition for our employees. ③. The group generally adopts a platform of high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel, creating a learning atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up and surpassing. As a result, we are paying more attention to the learning and training of professional knowledge in our daily work, improving our own quality and gaining more room for growth. In addition, it also provides an 8-channel analog multi-channel switch and joint addressing logic room."

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