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China's new energy is undergoing a transition from the era of subsidies to the era of parity.

"it is necessary to ensure a certain amount of new installed capacity of renewable energy to prevent the industry from falling precipitously; and it is also necessary to ensure that the scale does not increase significantly, causing too much pressure on the renewable energy tariff surcharge fund", which may be the most thorny problem in front of the energy authorities

at present, determining a certain total amount of new subsidies and then balancing the subsidy intensity and installed capacity will probably be the direction of policy formulation. However, at the critical moment when renewable energy power generation is changing from the era of subsidies to parity, policy is still the most important factor related to the smooth transition, so how to handle and grasp it will be a difficulty

take photovoltaic as an example. In the era of subsidies, benchmark electricity prices and gradually reduced subsidy intensity have effectively supported the large-scale development of the industry, promoted the continuous progress of technology and the decline of costs. China has become the world's largest photovoltaic installation market, and formed a perfect industrial chain with the main competitiveness of full expected short-term or weak stable operation. Over the past decade, the cost of photovoltaic modules has fallen by more than 90%. The large-scale production of diamond wire cutting technology and a variety of battery and module technologies has benefited from the large-scale development of photovoltaic and the development of a variety of applications such as tensile test market. Since then, the photovoltaic industry has also embarked on the right track of promoting the development of the industry through technological innovation, and the continuously reduced power generation cost under the technology and scale of "comparing with the same force value point on the dial of the tensile testing machine and the standard tensile test sample", makes the inside and outside of the industry more confident - Photovoltaic will become an inevitable choice for future social development and become one of the main energy sources

in the era of subsidies, the contribution of policies to the industry is obvious to all. In the upcoming era of parity, the formation of a good mechanism for policy promotion will undoubtedly be more important

especially in the transitional period, it is particularly critical to balance the relationship between scale and subsidy intensity, promote the development of demonstration bases on parity, and find the boundary conditions on parity. For example, promote renewable energy to give priority to power generation, and guarantee the rights and interests of renewable energy through laws; Promote the construction of power auxiliary service market and the development of energy storage, and create conditions for increasing the proportion of renewable energy generation; Actively promote the "partition power sales", and promote the development of distributed power generation under the clear trend of user side parity; To carry out the green card system and create more conditions for promoting the development of renewable energy...

from the era of subsidies to the era of parity, we need to form a more perfect and effective external mechanism

for industries with high initial intensity, only technological innovation is the most fundamental driving force to promote the development of the industry. The promotion of new technologies, the decline of costs, and the development of new business models and application scenarios are all worth looking forward to. Diamond wire cutting can reduce the cost of each silicon wafer by 1 yuan, perc batteries continue to improve the conversion efficiency, and the proportion of double-sided batteries and double glass components continues to increase. Technology and internal long-term mechanism provide support for the development of the industry and make the company form long-term competitiveness. The joint action of internal and external mechanisms and the continuous progress of technology can promote the development of the industry and continue to provide low-cost renewable energy

fortunately, after a peaceful 2017, China's new energy has experienced hardships in the coming 2018, which is gradually laying the foundation for it to become the main force of energy and the proud industry of the motherland. China's new energy in 2019 will be dazzling

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