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New energy logistics vehicles are entering a healthy and high-speed development track

new energy logistics vehicles, a branch market of new energy vehicles, have benefited from the rapid development of e-commerce and express delivery industry, and have rapidly risen to become a new growth pole. At present, China's new energy logistics vehicle market is receiving the continuous release of demand and policy dividends, and the development bottleneck is expected to break through with the innovation of operation mode, and truly stand on the wind

the rise of online shopping has directly driven the vigorous development of the logistics industry. Energy conservation and material saving have become the key concerns of the extrusion processing industry. According to the data, China's express delivery industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 50% for several consecutive years. This has also led to the "express pollution" with obvious era label, which not only refers to the express packaging pollution that has attracted much attention, but also the "logistics pollution" that has attracted more and more attention

the direct problem brought about by the prosperity of the express industry is packaging pollution, while the indirect problem is also the pollution in the process of logistics and transportation. Therefore, after green express, the concept of green logistics is also rising, and new energy logistics vehicles will become an emerging market blue ocean. In the Sixth Batch of catalogue of recommended models for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, 51 new energy logistics vehicles were added

at the end of last year, new energy logistics vehicles made new adjustments in the latest subsidy policy. According to the analysis, the pure electric logistics vehicles in the first six batches of the catalogue can get a national subsidy of up to 150000 yuan. It is generally believed in the industry that the golden age of the commercialization and promotion of new energy logistics vehicles is the elimination method. The screw connecting the oil pump and the motor will come, and after the water test, it will face blowout development. At present, the stock of fuel logistics vehicles on the market is no less than 20million, and the industry predicts that the replacement space of new energy logistics vehicles will reach about 3million

under the linkage of e-commerce and express delivery industry, the logistics industry shows a trend of rapid development. At the same time, under the new economic normal, the logistics industry is bound to face green transformation. This is also why the new energy logistics vehicle took the lead in standing on the wind, and became the pioneer of the green upgrading of the whole industry. Thanks to the support of policies, the replacement speed of new energy logistics vehicles will only be faster and faster

in terms of current market trends, automobile manufacturers such as Dongfeng Motor, Jinlong bus and Dayun automobile group have begun to seize the highland of the new energy logistics vehicle market. The continuous orders of electric logistics vehicles in the industry are also poised to detonate the market, such as the purchase contract of 2.65 billion yuan between Jiulong automobile and Guangtong automobile, the four point layout of Wanma shares in "transportation capacity", and so on

in addition to new energy vehicle enterprises, the logistics and express industry are also actively adjusting their business. Logistics "Green Plan" is one of the actions that these enterprises are committed to building "Green Express". In addition, enterprises in several related fields, including e-commerce, are jointly releasing the demand for new energy logistics vehicles. So far, large e-commerce and express giants including, Gome, SF, Shentong, Yunda, etc. have responded to the replacement requirements of new energy logistics vehicles

it can be said that with the acceleration of green transformation in the express delivery and logistics industry, the application of new energy logistics vehicles will become the norm. Benefiting from this, the new energy vehicle market will usher in a new growth pole, which is also a trend generally favored by the industry. However, some experts warned that the market potential is promising, and the development problems of new energy logistics vehicles cannot be ignored

in terms of the current market situation, new energy logistics vehicles certainly have the inevitable advantages of promotion, but they are still not divorced from the normal discussion areas such as cost, operation mode and profit. Many industry insiders claim that new energy logistics vehicles need to get rid of the bottleneck. The most feasible solution is to promote the market to be modeled and systematized on the road from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country, and lead the arrival of a new era of cleaner logistics vehicles

and new energy logistics vehicles can no longer continue the business model of traditional logistics vehicles. Zhao Le, chairman of Xinwo transportation, proposed that the rise of sharing economy may be an opportunity for new energy logistics vehicles to innovate their business model. Zhou xiongbo, general manager of Shenzhen United transportation, reckoned such an account. The final conclusion is that the input cost of new energy logistics vehicle leasing and the operating cost of putting a high-temperature furnace will break the dilemma of high renewal and iteration costs faced by the current market

Xinwo transportation is currently exploring the long-term rental business market of new energy logistics vehicles, and Hefei, Anhui Province, has launched the shared logistics vehicle plan. The latest news shows that on July 16, the first new energy green transport capacity sharing platform in Anhui Province was settled in Hefei. This is not only a choice for logistics enterprises, but also a new way of transportation for citizens

new energy logistics vehicles, a demand market that follows the new normal of purchase and the new normal of economy, are entering a healthy and high-speed development track. With the innovation of operation mode and the stability of profit mode, the whole new energy logistics market has seen a take-off trend

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