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New energy and new benchmark, XCMG deduces the infinite possibility of "intelligent power exchange"

new energy and new benchmark, XCMG deduces the infinite possibility of "intelligent power exchange"

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under the background of "ensuring energy security" and supporting "two new and one heavy", power station replacement and "new infrastructure" sparked a spark, which was written into this year's government work report for the first time. Both inside and outside the industry are concerned about whether it can solve the "endurance anxiety" that plagues new energy vehicles, and illuminate the future of green development and high-quality development of the industry

as the leader of the equipment industry, XCMG moved with time. On June 16, XCMG held a press conference of complete sets of new energy logistics equipment and intelligent power exchange products. Industry leaders and authoritative scholars gathered at XCMG heavy trucks to witness XCMG's innovative crystallization in the field of power exchange and listen to the "strong voice of the times" interpreted by this solid and enterprising enterprise

the guests visited XCMG automobile

this activity took "XCMG new energy, new benchmark of the industry" as the declaration, and invited leaders of government, enterprises and academia to exchange wisdom and jointly discuss power exchange logistics solutions; Display more than 20 pure electric logistics products under the scenes of highway trunk lines, urban distribution, mine construction, etc; Signed strategic cooperation agreements with leading domestic upstream and downstream enterprises on power replacement heavy truck solutions, power replacement heavy truck promotion, and hydrogen fuel truck research and development; XCMG and China Jinmao jointly developed intelligent power exchange products

the innovative product lineup, cutting-edge high-end dialogue, complete sets of solutions... Fully demonstrate XCMG's ambition and breakthrough practice in the layout of new energy vehicles and infrastructure supporting facilities

collision of ideas from a strategic height

green development is the background of high-quality development. In the face of the general trend of energy upgrading and green development, and the national strategy of "new infrastructure", can new energy commercial vehicles "start a second business" with power exchange as a breakthrough

at the seminar on June 15, XCMG heavy truck invited provincial and municipal leaders, Chen Quanshi, director of the Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Liu Guibin, chief engineer of the China Automotive Research Institute, Ning De times and other leaders of leading enterprises to jointly explore solutions for power replacement from the aspects of policy, technology, operation, application scenarios and so on

"the new energy of heavy trucks and construction machinery, PVC pipes with a diameter of 1m, and other sources. The time is ripe for the industrialization project of electrification intelligence." "Enterprise standards are the sufficient conditions for the development of power exchange." there are still difficulties in the power exchange mode in terms of policies, financial invoices, and the cost of power exchange stations. " And other profound insights from industry leaders have attracted the attention of 180000 people on the live broadcast platform

The product press conference on the 16th was presided over by Yang Dongsheng, general manager of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Wang Weifeng, vice mayor of Xuzhou: "XCMG has achieved much in helping the sustainable development of the city, and Xuzhou municipal Party committee, government and relevant departments will give strong support in resource allocation, policy support, industrial planning, municipal supporting facilities and other aspects."

Jin Ling, deputy director of the Provincial Department of transportation: "the exploration and Research on the application mode of new energy heavy truck has deep significance for the next step to accelerate the construction of long-distance transportation roads between adjacent cities in the province, deeply build a green logistics distribution system, and comprehensively create an efficient and low-carbon transportation mode."

Chang Ruping, the second level inspector of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology: "the Provincial Department of industry and information technology is taking the lead in formulating the medium and long-term plan for the development of automobile industry in Jiangsu Province. How to develop the heavy truck industry is an important part of it. Jiangsu Province will strengthen the key support for the leading automobile enterprises in Jiangsu Province in accordance with the spirit of a series of national instructions for the development of the automobile industry."

Qiu Cheng, chairman and party secretary of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., "focus on the independent control of key core technologies such as lightweight, intelligent and new energy, and achieve a breakthrough in the quality of XCMG's new energy series products represented by pure electric. XCMG will become the core driving force to support customers' energy conservation and emission reduction and help the country win the battle of pollution prevention and control!"

down-to-earth innovative crystallization

to promote the development of the green revolution of power replacement, we should not only have a strategic policy and academic dialogue, but also have down-to-earth development and practice

at the press conference on June 16, more than 20 new energy "masterpieces" intensively displayed by XCMG were neatly placed. The first side replacement tractor in China, the industry-leading hub motor pure electric semi-trailer tractor, the industry-leading pure electric mineral truck and muck truck, the world's first pure electric front crane, new hydrogen fuel semi-trailer tractor, and pure electric dump truck, garbage compressor, fog gun truck, wheel loader... Fully cover the solutions in many application scenarios, such as urban distribution, site short barge, warehousing and logistics, municipal sanitation, off highway and so on, With complete functions of loading, transportation, unloading, sprinkling, sweeping and mixing, it is the most perfect brand of new energy logistics vehicle solutions in China and even the world

the release of XCMG heavy truck intelligent power exchange products visually demonstrates the technical route and industrial implementation plan of XCMG heavy truck in the field of power exchange

after a power exchange heavy truck drives into the power exchange station, the front locating plate rises. After waiting for the driver to place the vehicle body in a correct position, the rear locating plate rises. The driver can wait for minutes to drive away from the power exchange station. Due to the fully automated operation of the power station, the driver can complete the battery replacement within a few minutes without getting off the bus, obtain a battery with good performance, and put it into a new round of attendance

at present, it is almost difficult for new energy commercial vehicles to be separated from urban operation, and almost all of them are micro faceted, light passenger and light truck distributed in the city. The biggest "difficulty" is that battery technology has always been unable to meet the requirements of long-distance driving and frequent attendance. XCMG heavy truck shows the power exchange mode of vehicle power separation, which is the way of power supply to solve the "endurance anxiety"

through the separation of vehicle and electricity, vehicle enterprises do not have to worry about the residual value of the battery, and the minute power change time is the same as the refueling time. For the same new energy truck, using the power change mode can save nearly 1000 hours per 100000 kilometers than using the charging mode, which greatly improves the vehicle attendance rate - and the construction area of such a power change station is less than 25% of that of a charging station

in addition to being more convenient in use, the R & D investment of China's manufacturing enterprises is generally low. Power stations have many advantages in infrastructure investment and construction, batteries, electricity and so on. These advantages are conducive to releasing the market demand for electric engineering vehicles and making the electrification process of environmental sanitation, muck, municipal, mining and other engineering vehicles more smooth

At the press conference, XCMG signed a cooperation and development agreement with multiple strategic partners. XCMG heavy truck signed three strategic cooperation agreements with domestic upstream and downstream leading enterprises to jointly promote the implementation of new energy power exchange projects

partners include Ningde times, one of the enterprises with the largest shipments of power batteries in the world, Jinmao smart Transportation Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou jixingxing Automobile Service Co., Ltd., Guangdong Guohong Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Feichi new energy, one of the leaders of smart energy and power exchange business

the three strategic cooperation agreements involve logistics and transportation solutions based on power exchange mode, regional promotion of power exchange products, joint development of hydrogen fuel trucks, etc

facing the "14th five year plan" and the next ten years, XCMG will take "building Jiangsu's 100 billion heavy truck industry chain" as its mission, take catering to the new manufacturing era as its innovative development idea, realize the multi-dimensional expansion to the upstream and downstream, such as the market, and build a new heavy truck ecosystem. From the current manufacturing and sales enterprise to the "new energy, intelligence, networking, lightweight" four chemical product supplier, and further develop into a smart transportation capacity integrated service enterprise

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