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New energy industry: new energy demonstration city declaration, Hanhua intends to acquire qcells

the National Energy Administration launched the declaration of new energy demonstration city. The notice on applying for new energy demonstration cities and industrial parks requires that new energy (solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, etc. in urban areas) account for more than 6% of energy consumption in demonstration cities by the end of 2015. The most beneficial industry will be geothermal utilization

Han Hua may acquire q-ces? Reuters reported that South Korean giants are looking for the possibility of acquiring q-ces, which filed for bankruptcy on April 3

Soarbuzz predicts that the first-line photovoltaic solar polysilicon and silicon wafer plants will recover profits next year. After a difficult period of one year's sharp decline in the price of photovoltaic products, the profit margin of top polysilicon and silicon wafer manufacturers will reach a positive value in 2013, and the uncompetitive manufacturers will not be able to survive

the cold winter of the industry led to the IPO grounding of 9 solar energy enterprises within half a year. Huangming solar energy and brilliant solar energy, whose main business is solar water heater, terminated the review last week. Previously, seven photovoltaic enterprises have stopped IPO. Hardware and electrical home page title "hardware and electrical - hardware and electrical industry network marketing service provider"

this week's main announcement. This week, Jinggong technology's performance in the first half of the year was revised to a loss. In such a "difficult time" of breaking down and innovating and alternating periods, W power station of super sun Bulgaria 25m was merged. Schott group, the partner of Hairun photovoltaic, withdrew from the business of ordinary photovoltaic products. Hairun photovoltaic and Guodian jointly built a 60MW power station in Inner Mongolia, and the performance of Jingsheng electromechanical in the first half of the year was expected to drop by 0-20%

brief comment on price, import and export, and output. The price of imported silicon materials continued to decline, due to the sluggish demand for overseas battery chips and the domestic proposed dual anti polysilicon. The import volume of polysilicon in May was higher than that in April, which was roughly the same as that in February and March. In May, the export of battery chips continued the strong rebound trend after February. Lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries maintained a steady growth trend

the performance of strengthening the construction of energy-saving supervision system and mechanism in the new energy sector at home and abroad. In the past week, various indexes have followed the market volatility, with no special performance. Individual stocks with an increase of more than 5% include Dunan environment, Dongshan precision, Yuxing Co., Ltd., Seven Star Electronics, Tianshun wind energy, Wanli Co., Ltd. for the first information release to the public, and lion technology. Dunan environment is due to obtaining the heat supply contract order, Dongshan precision is due to obtaining the LED order, and Yuxing shares is due to making the oil cylinder fall back. 3. After the power supply returns to normal, the report is expected to increase by 40~50%. Portfolio performance and adjustment. Maintain the neutral, neutral and overweight ratings of photovoltaic, wind power and batteries. The recommended combinations are Tianshun wind energy, Longji shares and duofuduo

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