The hottest PE market is stable and small, and the

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PE market is stable and small, PP market is low-level consolidation

international crude oil prices fell slightly, LLDPE futures opened low and rose after going low, and the decline slowed down. The market price of PE dollars is stable and small. Most merchants mainly ship goods with a firm offer, which can be negotiated. Due to many negative factors in the market and limited confidence of buyers, the firm offer transaction is only based on a small amount of low price goods, and the shore a hardness value is obtained Source and firm offer are just needed. Reference quotation: the quotation of low-pressure membrane is $per ton of benzoxazinone UV absorber, the linear quotation is $per ton, and the quotation of high-pressure membrane is $per ton in LANXESS high performance materials business department (hereinafter referred to as "HPM"), a leading supplier of high-tech plastics

US crude oil inventories rose and crude oil prices fell slightly. Linear futures low volatility. PP USD market price was low, and the transaction was weak. Many market participants are tired, and the pressure of shipment is increasing. Reference quotation: the homopolymer price is USD/ton, and the copolymerization price is USD/ton

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