The hottest PE market rose slightly, and the PP ma

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PE market rose slightly, PP market quotation was temporarily stable

Cyprus Congress rejected the implementation of the deposit tax plan, the rescue road was bumpy, the market was worried about the increased risk of the euro zone, and crude oil fell sharply. Linear futures were not affected by the decline in crude oil and rose in shock today. PE dollar market began to fluctuate slightly. A few merchants' quotations rose slightly, while others continued to make firm offers. As the upside down of the US dollar market still exists, there are more and more inquiries, but compared with the RMB market, the US dollar firm offer transactions are still less. The latest offers of some foreign petrochemical companies are relatively consistent with the mainstream quotations in the market, with general support

international oil prices continue to fall, but plastic futures continue to rise, and the market mentality is stable. P partial amplification P US dollar market price is stable, business confidence is getting better, and most of them are shipped at a stable price. The enthusiasm for market inquiry has increased, and the cautious mentality is still strong. The firm offer transaction is limited to a small number of lower price sources. Reference quotation: the homopolymer price is USD/ton, and the copolymerization price is USD/ton

pre includes Alex Thomson sailing race, 60 foot carbon fiber reinforced Hugo Boss racing boat manufacturing, real estate sand table 3D model making, and any imaginable non liquid or gas products, as well as BAC (Briggs automotive company), which produces mono supercars. After the introduction of more stone quotes, the US dollar market will become clearer. Businesses pay close attention to petrochemical trends at home and abroad

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