The hottest PE market in Shunde remained stable at

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Shunde PE market remained stable at a high level

the number of PE bars in Shunde this morning was no more than (bars). The overall market atmosphere was calm, and traders' quotations remained stable at a high level. Due to flat demand, local transactions were general. At present, the local high-voltage price is stable, with traders reporting 12400 yuan/ton and 200gg reporting 12700 yuan/ton. The local linear mainstream price is 11250 yuan/ton, and the price of 11200 yuan/ton can achieve a transaction. Low pressure membrane non-ferrous metals is a large family, and now it is calm. The mainstream is still reported at about 11000 yuan/ton, wiredrawing Lanhua 5000S is reported at 11200 yuan/ton, Daqing is slightly higher, and there are few injection molding supplies, 5018 is reported at 11400 yuan/ton, and 2911 is reported at 11500 yuan/ton

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